Darby Rd. Adding A Traffic Light

Posted: October 01, 1992

Drivers on Darby Road in Haverford Township are about to find the unfettered, two-mile stretch from Ardmore Avenue to Route 320 punctuated by a traffic light.

The new traffic light, which township officials said cost $26,000, will go into operation in mid-October at Darby Road and College Avenue.

It was erected at the request of residents of the Quadrangle, 3300 Darby Rd., a retirement community. Its entrance is near the intersection but on the other side of Darby Road.

Residents say that traffic makes it difficult to get in and out of the driveway, and that vision is often blocked.

"There had been a couple of accidents involving people coming down College Avenue, and it's not awfully easy to see people coming along Darby Road," said Louise Davis, president of the Quadrangle's Residents Association.

She has lived at the Quadrangle for three years.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation completed a traffic study on the intersection in February 1991, and the permit to allow the new traffic signal was issued to Haverford Township on Aug. 28, 1991, said Gene Blaum, community relations coordinator at PennDot.

The traffic light is up but not functioning yet, said Township Manger Thomas J. Bannar.

Soon, the signal will flash a yellow light for seven to 10 days to familiarize drivers with it. By mid-October, it will go into operation, Bannar said.

Although traffic patterns at the intersection have changed since the study was done, the traffic signal is still needed, Bannar said. Route 476, the Blue Route, which opened in December, has drawn traffic away from Darby Road, making it less traveled.

"It may have balanced itself out now," Bannar said.

"(Darby Road) might not be as fully utilized as before, but the Quadrangle now has 340 units fully occupied."

Quadrangle residents say that even without Blue Route traffic, the

intersection is hazardous.

"It is a safety factor. There is no question about that," Davis said. ''Part of the problem is that some of the people who live here don't have the eyesight they had when they were younger. Perhaps there is more of a need for caution."

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