Charles, Diana Together Again - In South Korea

Posted: November 03, 1992

Can Prince Charles and Princess Diana fake it for the sake of the crown? We'll see this week. The duo started an official tour yesterday of South Korea, their first since last summer's blowout bio, Diana, chronicled the dimming of their life together. Tabs used the tour to break out a new round of stories about the couple. Two published stories said that an updated Diana, on sale in the United States next week, says that Di was confronted by Prince Philip when the bio first hit England.

Meanwhile, the News of the World reported that the pair would be sharing a bedroom in Seoul for the first time in years. But, alas, an exec at the hotel disclosed that the suite that they'll share has two bedrooms.

Body movements of what the media has hopefully dubbed the "Togetherness Tour," have been dutifully reported. As in: They arrived at London's Heathrow Airport in separate motorcades and didn't look at each other as they walked to the plane. As in: They stepped from opposite sides of a limo - no, Charles did not open her door - at Seoul's British Embassy and appeared to ignore each other during a ceremony. The couple will fly to Hong Kong Thursday. Could magic be there?


* The Duchess of York has hammered out a deal with Buckingham Palace that will give her a royal buyout of $5.5 mil over 25 years, says the author of a new book on Sarah. Chris Hutchins, author of Fergie Confidential: The Real Story, says the money amounts to hush money because "she knows enormous stories about the family that could be devastating" if revealed. The time length is to ensure her silence over a long time and so she never gets to ''feel rich." Hutchins, who scooped the world on the duchess' 1990 thing with Steve Wyatt, says Fergie wants to live in America and has folks already checking out post-royal digs in Palm Beach, Fla. He also says Queen Elizabeth became convinced Fergie was emotionally unstable after publication of those toe-sucking photos with "financial adviser" John Bryan. As for Prince Andrew, Hutchins says: "Koo Stark never really left the picture."

A new book says Bruce Ritter's religious order had suspicions about the Covenant House founder's sexual problems as far back as the 1950s but didn't deal with them. "The Franciscans just didn't want to face the problem," said Charles Sennott, author of Broken Covenant, out yesterday. "There was a pattern of complicity, denial and coverup." His book's conclusion: "Father Ritter had a private, dark life where he (did) exactly to the kids what he (was) professing to be saving them from." But he calls Covenant House "a strong charity that used the scandal as an opportunity to reform itself."


* Tom Cruise has shelled out $2 mil for a 77-acre spread in Telluride, Colo. Sources say he plans to build a main house, two guest houses plus tennis and squash courts.

Pilar Wayne, widow of John Wayne, has put her five-bedroom, Newport Beach, Calif., house on the market for $5 mil. It also has 7 1/2 baths, tennis court, pool, sauna, artist's studio, spa and wine cellar.

Cheech Marin's Malibu spread is on the market. He's the former Cheech & Chong comic now a chef on TV's The Golden Palace. The 1.6-acre property has two residences plus 110 feet of private beachfront. There's also two guest apartments, two pools, a steam shower, spa, gym, darkroom and observation deck. First $6.9 mil takes it.


* Helena Lisandrello, who claims her three-year fling with Robert DeNiro in the early '80s produced Nina Nadeja DeNiro, 10, got word that a blood test shows that the movie star couldn't be the father. But her lawyer, Marvin Mitchelson, said he'll press the case because the actor has acknowledged the kid as his for so long. Later this month an L.A. court will decide whether DeNiro has to continue to pay $2,500 a month support and $1,000 a month tuition.

The on-and-off thing between porn star-turned-socialite Pat Kluge and Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder appears on again. The two have been spotted together in and around her fancy hometown of the moment, Greenwich, Conn.


* Roy Acuff, 89, was hospitalized last weekend in Nashville for the third time since September. The country great is being treated for complications of congestive heart disease. His condition wasn't divulged.

An obviously skinnier Jerry Garcia, 50, played at a soldout Halloween concert in Oakland, Calif., his first gig since being struck down in August by a still-unexplained illness that fueled rumors of his impending death. The Grateful Dead guy, playing with his other group, the Jerry Garcia Band, did not talk about his illness to the audience. A Dead spokesman said Garcia had dropped 50 pounds.


* Joe Roth announced yesterday that he'll quit as chairman of Twentieth Century Fox Jan. 1. Roth, 44, who's responsible for such cinematic hits as Home Alone and The Last of the Mohicans, plus flops For the Boys and Shining Through, apparently was unsuccessful in nailing down a new deal with biggest boss Rupert Murdoch, who recently has become more interested in the movie slice of his media empire. Roth will join Disney's Touchstone for whom he'll do 25 films.

A revival of Pete Townshend's 1969 rock opera, Tommy, will open on Broadway in April. The show has been playing La Jolla (Calif.) Playhouse where it's setting attendance records.


* Despite pleas from Joseph and Veronica Januszkiewicz for people to stay away from their Marlboro, N.J., home, about 2,000 showed up for the monthly appearance - seen only by Joseph - of the Virgin Mary. He stayed in his house all day until 9:30 p.m. when he went to a statue of the Virgin, dropped to his knees and started talking. Ten minutes later he got up and went back inside without saying anything. In the past he's related his Marian conversations to those there.

Two Roman Catholic bishops - Bishop Walter F. Sullivan of Richmond, Va., and Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit - are among 1,500 signees of a 600-word statement questioning the Vatican's position on civil rights for gays. The statement will appear as an ad in the Nov. 13 issue of the National Catholic Reporter. Neither bishop could be reached for comment.

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