Barnett Passes Out Criticism

Posted: November 16, 1992

MILWAUKEE — Fred Barnett was so disgusted, there was no mistaking his locker room message for Eagles head coach Rich Kotite.

In addition to criticizing Kotite's controversial play-calling, the Eagles' wide receiver also dropped this one on his coach following the Eagles' 27-24 come-from-ahead loss to the Packers at Milwaukee County Stadium yesterday.

Daily News: "Is it going to be difficult to recover from this?"

Barnett: "I don't think so. Like coach Kotite said, 'Everybody has to look in the mirror.' "

Barnett then raised his voice and you could see the fire in his eyes as he continued. "I'm hoping he means everybody look in the mirror. You know what I mean?

"I've got a great life off the field. I can walk out of here with a smile on my face. I've got a lot more things to look forward to."

Barnett did not get specific, but it was clear that he thought the Eagles wasted his one-on-one matchup with rookie Terrell Buckley, who looked overmatched by Barnett on deep routes and was called for interference on a long ball in the fourth quarter. But Barnett's longest catch was for 8 yards.

"I'm a believer in not just trying to win, but trying to win big," Barnett said. "I'm going for the throat, and that's the way it is. That's football, and if anybody says that's wrong, you shouldn't be playing football. When you've got an advantage over a team, you've gotta go to it and do away with them.

"I think we had a lot of advantages today. But we didn't exploit them with the plays we called the whole game. I'm not saying it's all our coaches' fault. But we should've done different things."


Center David Alexander was among those who didn't think Kotite's controversial calls for Herschel Walker runs inside the final minute and a half were being conservative. The second, on second-and-1 at the 20, ended in no gain and a Walker fumble with 43 seconds remaining. One play later, Chris Jacke kicked the game-winning 41-yard field goal.

"We had a minute and a half (1:25) left," Alexander said. "If we'd gotten it outside the 20, we were planning on opening it up a little. But on the 10, 11, one play, one freak thing, a bad snap on the shotgun . . . anything like that and they're on the 2. We had to get some breathing room."


The offensive lineman agreed that Randall Cunningham was more like himself in the huddle yesterday.

"He was more vocal and you could see it in his eyes," said guard Mike Schad. "He was pretty inspirational in the huddle, and I thought in the second half, when we came back and put some plays together, you could see in his eyes that he was his old self. You could see his confidence back."


Cunningham reacting to being told that some players thought the ball should have been in the air on the last possession, which ended in Walker's fumble: ''Next question."


In an effort to determine whether there was a bad exhange on Walker's fumble, Cunningham was asked if the hand-off was clean. Walker appeared to just shovel the ball ahead of him, without ever being hit above the waist. The hand-off looked clean on replays.

"I think I gave it to him," Cunningham said, "but I don't know if he got it clean or not. This is not the time to point the finger with Herschel Walker. Because the man played a great game. He didn't lose this game. He went out and did all he could. It's just an unfortunate situation, a great play by the defensive player."

Walker carried 12 times for 47 yards (3.9 average) with a key TD run.

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