Sweet On Cruise And Davis; Sour On Madonna

Posted: December 15, 1992

Tom Cruise and Geena Davis got Golden Apples as this year's best male and female stars from the Hollywood Women's Press Club Sunday in L.A. Named discoveries of the year: Bridget Fonda (Single White Female), Brendan Fraser (Encino Man) and Grant Show of TV's Melrose Place. The 1992 Sour Apple - for the one most taken with her own publicity - went to Madonna. Zsa Zsa Gabor, last year's winner (loser?), was on hand to present it but Madonna was a no-show.


* Curtis Institute piano teacher Mieczyslaw Horszowski will get the national service award of Chamber Music America at the group's convention in Manhattan Jan. 15-18. Horszowski, who's at least 100, debuted before the turn of the century with the Warsaw Philharmonic. He's also played with Pablo Casals and the Budapest Quartet.

That Jerry Blavat-Alan Thicke-hosted New Year's Eve AIDS benefit at the Aztec Club on Delaware Avenue is shaping up as a true celeb-spotter event. Among the confirmed drop-bys: Kelsey Grammer, Frazier on TV's Cheers; TV soap stars James Kiberd, Trevor on All My Children, and Susan Keith, Shana on Loving; Charlene Tilton of TV's Dallas; TV talker Jenny Jones; comic Rip Taylor; Miss World 1992 Gina Tolleson; ex-Eagle owner Leonard Tose; local media types John Bolaris and Danny Bonaduce, and clothier Ben Krass. Tix are $150.

Eagle Keith Byars and ex-teammate Garry Cobb will help 10 Little Brothers and Little Sisters pick out Christmas gifts for their special people this morning at the John Wanamaker downtown store. The kids'll shop with money

from American Express.

TV weatherman Tom Lamaine will substitute for the late Vincent Gardenia when Kal Rudman wheels his traveling Christmas show into West Philly's VA Hospital this afternoon. Starring is the comic team, Lou Marks and Bobby Burnett.


* Carla Bruni, who held in a Vanity Fair interview that she had nothing approaching romances with either Donald Trump or Mick Jagger, is hotly disputed by the Deal Artist in the mag's January issue. In a letter to the editor, Trump, saying the model is "incapable of telling the truth," added that Bruni boasted of a three-year, round-the-world affair with the Rolling Stone and "wanted me to break up with Marla Maples, whereupon she would leave Mick, a man she was desperately stuck on." The Trumpster noted that their thing went sour when he declined, for business reasons, to visit her fam in the South of France. Before that, Trump said, "her constant calling became a total pain. . . . In the end, Carla became a woman who is very difficult to even like."

Roxanne Pulitzer, whose Minute Rice marriage to John Haggin officially ended Friday, came away with a settlement of $500,000 or about $10,000 a day for the 49-day caper. So reports the New York Daily News, though Haggin's lawyers say she got zilch. "I hope the press, media and my mother are happy now that Roxanne and I are divorced," he told reporters on freedom day. "I just want you to know it is the saddest day of my life." Upon the nups,

Haggin's mom plucked him from the fam's $200 mil teat.

From the oh-no-here-we-go-again department comes word that Prince Andrew has been lunching with Koo Stark. In the early '80s she got him that Randy Andy tag before his rescue by the former Sarah Ferguson. A palace source, noting the current royal shambles, said that "a stable marriage of any sort - even it if involved an ex-porn princess - would be a welcome relief." Oh, how the high have fallen.


* The worst possible news for enquiring minds - cameras have been barred

from the Woody Allen-Mia Farrow court fight scheduled to begin today. A New York judge has reversed an earlier decision, noting that such coverage was ''inappropriate" given the involvement of small children and ''scandalous" topics. Another payday for sketch artists.

L.A. police were still on the lookout yesterday for funk singer Rick James, 44, and his girlfriend Tanya Ann Hijazi, 22, after they were declared fugitives Friday when they failed to show at a West Hollywood court. A woman charged the two with beating her Nov. 3 when she refused to participate in a sex act with them. The two are scheduled to go on trial Jan. 15 in a similar case with a different woman that allegedly occurred in July 1991.


* Frank Sinatra marked his 77th birthday with a 20-song performance Saturday at Las Vegas' Desert Inn. His audience included Teri Garr, Susan Anton, Leslie Nielsen, Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Debbie Reynolds, Esther Williams, Jane Russell, Don Rickles and ex-Veep Spiro Agnew. "Thank you for

helping me celebrate a very important birthday," said the chairman. "Because there aren't many left."

Barbra Streisand, who called for a star-studded boycott of Colorado for voting down a gay-rights measure then appeared to back off after taking flak

from her ski-loving peers, clarified her position last weekend at an ACLU Hollywood event honoring herself and Anita Hill. She insisted she "did not back off, back down or back away from my original statement. . . . It appears that a boycott is under way in Colorado and I will personally honor it and find some other state to vacation in." She added: "If that law were passed against Jews or people of color the whole country would be outraged and nobody would question a boycott of that state."

Al Pacino and a barely dressed Suzette Charles were discovered in an elevator of their Manhattan West Side condo last weekend. Seems the ex-Miss America locked herself out of her digs while tossing garbage. Had to ride down to the lobby to get let back in. Said another rider: "They looked at each other and she cracked up then explained what happened."


* Poor Bangkok residents thought it was yet another coup attempt Sunday when six tanks, 10 military trucks and 2,000 rabble-rousers filled the Thai capital's Royal Plaza. But no. Just Oliver Stone shooting Heaven and Earth, another of his Vietnam cinematic sagas.

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