A Night In Jail For Harry Connick Jr. On Gun Charge

Posted: December 29, 1992

Harry Connick Jr. was released yesterday after spending the night in a New York City jail following his arrest Sunday at Kennedy International Airport after security officers found an unloaded, 9mm semiautomatic pistol in his carry-on luggage. The musician, on his way back to his New Orleans home, was turned over to police and marched off to jail in handcuffs. Police said Connick, 25, had no permit to carry the weapon. He told them that his sister had given the gun to him as a gift and that he had forgotten he had it. Connick didn't have to post bond after being arraigned yesterday.


* Judd Hirsch, star of TV's Taxi, married fashion designer Bonnie Chalkin, 34, before a Christmas Eve dinner - to the surprise of all 35 guests. "Even my mother (didn't) know," said Hirsch, 57. He picked the time because he had the night off from the Broadway play, Conversations with My Father, for which he won a Tony earlier this year. The play's author, Herb Gardner, was best man.

Cindy Adams reports that Anthony Quinn gave his wife of 32 years, Iolanda, a cellular phone for Christmas. Last year, a jeweled necklace. But, complains the actor's wife, she never gets what she wants. What's that? "For my husband to stop cheating on me," she replied. Uh, Iolanda, you want, like, that in the newspaper? "Yes, please go ahead," she told the New York Post gossipteer. "Then maybe next Christmas I will get what I want."


* Jim Bakker was allowed to leave a Minnesota prison for a day Sunday to visit his 86-year-old father in a Charlotte, N.C., hospital. Raleigh Bakker suffered a broken hip in an auto accident. "I'm so grateful for visiting my family at this time of need," said Bakker, who was accompanied by a prison supervisor. The TV preacher's lawyers intend to ask the Minnesota parole

commission to consider parole for Bakker at its Jan. 29 meeting.

Famed lawyer Marvin Mitchelson is suing former client Juanita Leonard, whom he represented in a divorce case against boxer Sugar Ray Leonard. Mitchelson said he helped her get a handsome out-of-court settlement and now she won't ante up to him. He wants $250,000 plus interest.


* Pope Paul VI, who died of a heart attack in 1978, may be declared a saint soon, Newsweek reports. The mag quotes a priest overseeing the process as saying that the drive to certified sanctity "is moving very swiftly" because the pope left behind archives making it easier to document his life than that of, say, a holy ninth-century shepherd.

Pope John Paul II is due back in the Vatican tomorrow for his regular Wednesday general audience after a three-day break at the papal getaway in Castel Gandolfo, outside Rome. Also, Vatican Radio said, Pope John Paul II might visit Albania in 1993, one of the few European nations he's never been to.

Bishop Thomas Daily, leader of 1.5 million Catholics in Brooklyn-Queens, told a Sunday TV audience in New York that homosexuality is a "basic human disorder. Just look at them. I don't think you'll argue with me." Gay spokesman Andy Humm said Daily, who made his remarks on WNBC-TV's News Forum, ''sounds like nothing more than Archie Bunker."


* Tab psychics are busy dispensing their predictions for 1993. How did they fare for 1992? Not so good. Both Judy Hevenly and Jeane Dixon picked President Bush to be re-elected. In addition, the National Enquirer's "10 leading psychics" also predicted that in 1992 we would see Donald Trump become "a late night talk show host"; Mikhail Gorbachev become an American citizen, and Fidel Castro's regime toppled in Cuba. What's ahead for 1993 - not. Psychic Peter Meers says Dolly Parton's left breast will "explode during a nationally televised special" and Madonna will reveal that she is the love child of Jim Nabors. You hadda be there.


* Southside Johnny was the advertised act Sunday at Asbury Park's Stone Pony. But shortly after midnight the crowd of 500 went ballistic when Bruce Springsteen trotted out, and about 1 a.m. Jon Bon Jovi appeared. The Boss played "The Fever" with Johnny, and Bon Jovi did "I Don't Want to Go Home." Then all three did "Long, Long Time" and as an encore Sam Cooke's ''We're Having a Party." The Stone Pony closed late last year but reopened in October under new ownership. "It was an awesome show," says witness Jack O'Callaghan. "It was just like '74."

An unnamed concert-goer told a Seattle radio station that Ice Cube egged on gang members at the Saturday concert that ended with multiple gunfire, nine arrests and five people hospitalized. " . . . He provoked gang members," said the witness. " . . . he basically told them they wasn't no gang, they were wannabes. . . . He was just getting them madder and madder." Ice Cube

hasn't addressed the situation but a member of his entourage has denied that the rapper mocked gang members at the gig.


* Lou Rawls raised more than $11 million during the 13th annual Christmas weekend telethon for the United Negro College Fund. More than 53,000 students at 41 schools have benefited from $108 million raised since the first telethon in 1979.

John Denver raised more than $50,000 at an Aspen show last weekend to fight Colorado's anti-gay legislation. This was the show Liza Minnelli backed out of to comply with stars' boycott of the state.


* John Major's spokesman said yesterday that there was "no indication" that the prime minister will ask parliament to change a 220-year-old law preventing Prince Charles from remarrying in the Church of England. The Daily Express reported that Major has agreed with Queen Elizabeth's desire to scrap the law, which keeps divorced royals from remarrying in the church. The spokesman added that since Charles and Princess Diana "said they have no

plans for divorce the matter does not arise."

A magazine in Garth Brooks' home state has named him Oklahoman of the Year. Jeanne Devlin, editor of Oklahoma Today, said yesterday that Brooks was chosen as the magazine's first recipient of the honor because "he has retained his Oklahoma values." Brooks lives in Nashville. He grew up in Yukon, a suburb of Oklahoma City.

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