Lawyer Mitchelson Sentenced For Tax Fraud

Posted: April 14, 1993

Palimony lawyer Marvin Mitchelson was sentenced Monday to 2 1/2 years in jail for tax fraud and ordered by a federal judge in Los Angeles to pay more than $2 mil in back taxes plus interest.

Mitchelson, 64, broke down before the judge, who called the attorney a man who had "literally ruined himself." Said the tearful, stooped Mitchelson: ''This is the second-saddest day of my life. My mother's death was the first."

He was accused of hiding income between 1983 and 1986 in order to feed his high lifestyle - a Hollywood mansion with expensive furnishings, jewelry and a stable of cars that included two Rolls-Royces. He filed for bankruptcy shortly before his Feb. 9 conviction.

The attorney never disputed that mistakes were made on his returns, but he blamed his accountants.

He told reporters outside court: "It hurts. . . . When you think you're innocent there is no fair sentence." Asked if he could handle 30 months in

stir, Mitchelson said: "I can do 60 months if I had to, but I don't want to." The judge allowed Mitchelson to remain free on bail pending an appeal.


* David Duke, a perceived national political force just two years ago, started a new job this week as a radio talk-show host on WASO-AM, a low-power station 50 miles north of New Orleans in Covington. Last fall Duke had a job lined up with a New Orleans-area insurance company but complaints by policy- holders forced the company to withdraw the offer.

Lena Horne and Keith Jarrett will make debuts at the JVC Jazz Festival, held in New York June 18 to 26. Horne, 75, will perform with the Duke Ellington Band June 20 at Avery Fisher Hall. Jarrett will play Carnegie Hall June 24. Philadelphia saxman Grover Washington Jr. will play Carnegie the day after Jarrett.

Prince is expected to perform as scheduled tomorrow in L.A. after an upper respiratory infection caused him to put off his performances last night and tonight. The sold-out gigs he missed have been rescheduled for Friday and Saturday.

Greta Garbo is as elusive in death as in life: The whereabouts of her remains is a secret. The Swedish national news agency, TT, reported yesterday that the actress' sole heir, niece Gray Reisfield, has failed to find a final resting place for Garbo three years after her demise. The agency says Reisfield has plenty of offers but is concerned about vandalism if the public discovers the spot. Said Garbo's lifelong friend Mimmi Pollak: "Remember what happened to Charlie Chaplin. People dug up his coffin and carried it off."


* Attorney General Janet Reno got lots of looks yesterday when she walked into the Justice Department cafeteria with, yes, Don Johnson. The actor said he was at Justice "having a pleasant chat with a former fellow Miamian" and that he was introduced to Reno by a mutual friend. Asked what she thought of Johnson's old TV show, Miami Vice, Reno, who was a Florida state attorney for 15 years, said: "I didn't get to see it much."

President Clinton took a longer jog than usual yesterday - four miles in 40 minutes - to better take in the cherry blossoms, which are at full blast about the Tidal Basin. "I love them," he said, deflecting questions on all other matters. "They're wonderful."


* Richard Gere parlayed his controversial Oscar appearance last month into a stint on the opinion page of yesterday's New York Times. The Buddhist actor continues his pitch to get the U.S. government to pressure the Chinese into abandoning their 40-year repression of Tibet. As for not being invited back to the Oscars: "So be it," Gere writes.

What was 1992's number-one movie on airplane flights? The World Airline Entertainment Association says it was Father of the Bride, a remake of a 1950 flick starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Martin Short.


* To no surprise, Lisa Bonet, 25, who played Denise on the old Cosby Show, filed for divorce Monday from musician Lenny Kravitz, 28, who went by Romeo Blue when they wed in November 1987. They split in 1990 and have a daughter, Zoe, 4. Bonet cited those dreaded "irreconcilable differences."

Tennis star Boris Becker and live-in Barbara Feltus have made it semi- legal. They're engaged.

There's talk that Camilla Parker Bowles, whose pants Prince Charles professed a desire to live in, is at last prepared to divorce her husband of 19 years, Andrew. Would this prompt Charles to divorce Princess Diana? Might he then marry Camilla? Give up his right to the throne? Could you care less?


* Luciano Pavarotti, due at the Spectrum May 15, has shed 25 of the 100 pounds he's trying to lose. Our next look at the tenor will be Monday, when he's due to do a benefit for Medicine Without Frontiers in Marseilles, France.

Will Marla Maples stop coloring her hair, since some docs say hair dye can harm fetuses? Not likely, says her hair guru, Constance Hartnett. "She is a real blonde," said Hartnett. "She does get highlights every six to eight weeks. But the dye doesn't get into the scalp."


* If you want to be a model it pays to have celeb genes. Among the stable of clotheshorses picked by Donna Karan to show off her DKNY line are sibs Sofia and Roman Coppola, progeny of Francis Ford Coppola; sibs Ione Skye and Donovan Leitch, offspring of '60s singer Donovan, and Zoe Cassavetes, whose dad was the late actor/director John Cassavetes.

Jonathan Paul, brother of Alexandra Paul, who stars in TV's Baywatch, has been released from a Spokane, Wash., jail where he was held for refusing to testify about an animal rightists' break-in. The U.S. attorney had no comment. Said the actress: "We feel like he got out on his own terms, principles still intact."

Ozzie Canseco, twin brother of major league baseball star Jose Canseco, has been shoveled by the St. Louis Cardinals back to the minor leagues, where he's languished for 10 seasons. "We have the same speed, the same arm, the same power, the same ability," said the Louisville-bound Canseco. "Jose will say the same thing."

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