Gambler's Choice Goes To Patton And 8-year-old

Posted: June 05, 1993

DEVON — Riding an 8-year-old horse shown primarily in the amateur divisions, Beezie Patton pulled out all the stops to win last night's $10,000 Gambler's Choice class at the Devon Horse Show.

In the Gambler's Choice, the rider plans his or her own route over the course. Last night's competition was scored as a speed class with faults converted into additional seconds.

Riders could choose whether to negotiate the "joker" fence, and risk adding 6 seconds to their scores if it was knocked down, or benefit by subtracting 6 seconds from their scores if the "joker" was cleared.

Patton, who has represented the U.S. Equestrian Team on frequent occasions, rode Kanpai, a horse owned by Barbara Wolff of Cazenovia, N.Y. Chris Kappler, the second-place finisher on Chicago Showjumpers Unlimited's Warrant, was not surprised to be edged by Patton.

"Beezie's horse was 3 or 4 seconds faster than most all week. I went out there and did the best I could," he said.

Tim Grubb, who won Thursday's grand prix, placed third last night on Crestview Farm's Funny Face.

All three top finishers had no faults on course and left the "joker" fence standing.

Earlier yesterday, Stephanie Angus, riding Red Rum, won the Amateur Owner Jumper Class.

The class was a speed class in which jumping faults are converted into seconds and added to the rider's time.

Angus, who represented the U.S. Virgin Islands in the last Pan American Games in Cuba, won the class in 51.915. Joy Carrier, of Fat Chance Farm, Unionville, Pa., placed second on Fighting Falcon in 58.629 seconds.

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