Kennedy, Hannah To Wed Jackie's Planning Couple's Ceremony

Posted: August 18, 1993

NEW YORK — It's a go!

After weeks of speculation about when, or whether, John Kennedy will marry Daryl Hannah, sources close to the Kennedy clan report that the couple has given Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis permission to begin preparations for their wedding.

Word coming from Martha's Vineyard, Mass., where Onassis is on holiday, is that the marriage of the 35th president's son could take place as early as Sept. 11.

Onassis has already begun holding quiet planning sessions. But, according to one source, the Sept. 11 date won't give her enough time to pull the event together.

The critical question appears to be whether mother and son will see eye-to- eye on the size of the wedding.

The paparazzi-hounded attorney is said to want the smallest, quickest affair possible - attended only by his nearest family.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis also wants to keep the ceremony from turning into a helicopter-buzzed media circus. Nevertheless, say friends, she has a keener sense of the ceremony as history, as a coda to the Camelot saga that began in 1953 at the grand production where Jacqueline Bouvier wed Sen. John Fitzgerald Kennedy at Hammersmith Farm in Newport, R.I.

"She wants to protect him, as she always has," said a source. "But nothing this big happens without the discussion of the whole clan, including Ted Kennedy. If anything, this will be bigger than Caroline's wedding."

About 200 people attended the 1986 ceremony in which Caroline Kennedy married Edwin Schlossberg at Our Lady of Victory Church in Centerville, Mass. Another 150 people attended their reception at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis. Where John Kennedy and Daryl Hannah would marry remains to be seen. While they might also choose Cape Cod, or Martha's Vineyard, one source said a wedding at the estate of Jackie's sister, Lee Radziwell, in East Hampton, Long Island, isn't out of the question.

Although the couple reportedly obtained a California marriage license in July, friends say they looked to their current trip through Asia to help them decide whether to set off on a lifelong journey.

Having been dogged by reporters on the Pacific island of Palau, they are now said to be in Bali. From there, they are due to travel to Thailand and then to Vietnam.

They are expected to return to New York around Labor Day.

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