Delco Man Acquitted Of Assault A Kensington Woman Had Accused James T. Jones Jr. Of Attacking Her In His Home.

Posted: October 02, 1993

A Glenolden man was acquitted yesterday of sexually assaulting a 24-year- old Kensington woman at his home in December.

After deliberating for about an hour, a Delaware County jury found James Thomas Jones Jr., 33, not guilty of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and indecent assault. The verdict came after a one-day trial before Judge Harry J. Bradley.

When the verdict was announced, Jones kissed his lawyer, Francis A. Urso, on the cheek and hugged him. He fidgeted at the defense table while Bradley discharged the jury, then turned and walked out with his parents.

On the stand Thursday, the woman said that on Dec. 30, she, her cousin and Jones went to a bar in Collingdale, where Jones kept "mauling" her. About 2 a.m. Dec. 31, she said, the three went to Jones' house, where she passed out on a bed and was awakened by Jones' assaulting her.

But both Jones and James Fantom, the woman's cousin, said Jones did not touch her. At the bar, the two said, they all drank heavily, and the woman took some pills given to her by a man at the bar.

At Jones' house, they said, they drank some more and, after she got sick, the woman went upstairs to lie down. Jones went up to his bedroom after he heard a crash, he said, and the woman told him she had knocked a clock off a table.

They talked for a while, Jones said. She started kissing him and unbuttoned her blouse, he said, but he stopped when she told him she was pregnant. Jones lay down next to her and fell asleep, he said, and was awakened by the woman, who was screaming at him.

Assistant District Attorney Robert Rossi called Jones' testimony ''ridiculous" and cast doubts on the testimony of Fantom, who he said ''socializes with the defendant."

Urso stressed that most of Jones' testimony was corroborated by a relative of the woman. He suggested that the woman simply did not remember clearly what happened.

"When you've imbibed that much, and you lay back in bed," Urso said, ''you can see daisies dancing on the ceiling."

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