Tupac Shakur Charged With Shooting Two Cops

Posted: November 02, 1993

Rap star and actor Tupac Shakur, Janet Jackson's love interest in the movie Poetic Justice, is free on bail after being charged with shooting two off-duty cops Sunday in Atlanta.

The incident happened as two brothers, Mark and Scott Whitwell, were almost hit by two cars as they crossed a street with their wives. A police spokesman said that an argument followed, during which one of the brothers pointed a gun at the people in the two cars. It was not known if the brothers identified themselves as cops.

A witness said Shakur fired at the brothers. Three 9mm casings were found at the scene. The upshot is that both brothers are in satisfactory condition at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta with wounds of the stomach and buttocks.

Skakur, 22, badmouthed by then-Veep Dan Quayle for anti-cop lyrics, was ordered to a Dec. 1 hearing. His lyrics from "Soulja's Story" go: "What . . . would you do?/Drop them or let them drop you? I choose droppin' the cop!" The album that ditty's on, 2pacalypse Now, sold 400,000 copies.


* In other rap news, Flavor Flav was arrested yesterday in the Bronx when he allegedly tried to shoot another man in an apparent argument over a woman. Police at the scene recovered a .38 that a witness told police Flav fired. They were no injuries. Flav, 34, is a Public Enemy member.


* Singer Lisette Melendez ("Together Forever," "A Day in My Life Without You") brings her 90-city high school tour to Philly Thursday, hitting Frankford High and Gratz. The tour, with its no-drugs and anti-violence theme, is being touted as the largest such ever.

Former A's frontman Richard Bush will try some of his new stuff tonight at the Chestnut Cabaret at a benefit for the Gateway Society for the Rehabilitation of the Homeless. Other acts - for $5 admission - include Lauren Hart, Big City, the Buicks and the Business doing "Those Phillies Thrill Me." Use ta!


* Anna Nicole Smith, that blonde model of zaftig proportions, is in deep doo with Redbook. The mag said she stiffed them at a shoot Friday, saying by phone - as the meter ran - that she had chipped a tooth on a pickle. Redbook editor Ellen Levine is on record as being not amused and said she is "very professionally" adding up the cost of the shoot and will pass it on to Smith. This includes eats for all concerned and the bill for having 40 outfits messengered to the photo scene.

In what might presage the ultimate demise of Macaulay Culkin, Arnon Milchan, producer of the kid actor's latest film, George Balanchine's 'The Nutcracker,' said he will no longer entertain demands by Culkin's father- manager, Kit, and will release the movie Nov. 24. Bellowing "Enough!" Milchan says the elder Culkin's interference in the movie's production has delayed its release for a year. "I can take so much harassment, so much extortion, so much blackmail," said Milchan. Producers have been reluctant to take Culkin on because of the bankability of his son. His latest demand was to remove the film's narration - by Kevin Kline - which screenings indicated the movie needed in order for kids to follow it easily. "They are so used to having everybody on their knees begging them to take $8 million for the boy," said Milchan. Another famed producer insisting on anonymity said: "People are waiting, really waiting, for a hiccup in the kid's career. They're waiting for his voice to change, too."


* Tarah Schaeffer is a new Sesame Street cast member, the first actor in a wheelchair to have a continuing role on a TV series. About 70 kids vied for the part. Tarah, from Plainville, Conn., has the disease known as "brittle bones." She'll debut on Nov. 22.

Princeton's Steven Mackey, 37, took a second place in the 16th annual Friedheim Awards for musical compositions. The awards were given Sunday at D.C.'s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. He won for his work Physical Property. Osvaldo Golijov, 33, (Yiddishbbuk: Inscriptions for String Quartet) and David Froom, 41, (Chamber Concerto) shared first place.


* Roger Clinton's negative encounters with the electorate appear to be having career implications. His manager, Butch Stone, has given him 30-day notice and Atlantic Records, which signed the first brother to a $200,000 deal, has passed him onto the smaller label, Great Pyramid Records, for seasoning.

Mariah Carey starts her first-ever tour tomorrow in Miami. Call it the ''Tentative Tour." Seven cities are booked before a break Dec. 10. "I'll probably start up again in late January or February," said the singer. But she's not certain because she wants "to make sure my voice is OK." A consumer-conscious rocker?

Egypt's Saber Abu el-Ala released an album last summer to no notice. Suddenly, the LP's hot as Sahara sand. Ignored talent finally discovered? No. Last Tuesday el-Ala, 28, killed two Americans and a Frenchman as he randomly fired a gun at diners in a 5-star Cairo hotel. Fame is fortune!


* American Steven Zaillian won the best new director award last weekend for Searching for Bobby Fischer at Spain's 38th annual International Film Week festival in Valladolid. Top film was Sergio Cabrera's The Snail's Strategy.

Conrad Hall, who won an Oscar for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, will get a lifetime achievement award Feb. 27 from the American Society of Cinematographers. His credits include The Day of the Locust, In Cold Blood, Cool Hand Luke and Marathon Man.

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