Whoopi Goldberg's Orthodontist Replaces Danson

Posted: November 09, 1993

Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson have made it official - they're over. In a joint statement, they declared that they "are no longer romantically involved. We look forward to working together again . . . without the kind of media scrutiny we have been subjected to over the past year."

In an interview with the National Enquirer, Goldberg said she was now dating her Beverly Hills orthodontist, Jeffrey Cohen, with whom she showed at a Washington gala for Ford's Theatre two weekends ago. "Jeff is a good friend," the actress said. "We've been out three times. . . . We are not having an affair. . . . I'm still friends with Ted."

For his part, Danson reportedly is trying to talk his wife of 16 years,

Casey, into taking him back. They have two children. "Every time he's in a jam," said a source, "he runs back to his wife."


* TV writers Tom Fontana (St. Elsewhere, Home Fires) and Noel Behm (Homicide) will be among the 60 or so authors attending the Mid-Atlantic Mystery Book Fair & Convention Friday through Sunday at the Holiday Inn at Fourth and Arch Streets. For information, call 215-923-0211.

Miki Howard, who played Billie Holiday in the Spike Lee movie Malcolm X, is one of the Dreamgirls when the show opens a week's run Nov. 23 at the Merriam Theater.

Seven Philly-area youths - from 314 entries - will get workshop productions of their plays Dec. 1 to 5 at Temple's Tomlinson Theater. Winners of the Philadelphia Young Playwrights Festival are David Cruz, Edison/Fareira High; Adam Goldberg, Penn Charter High; Quiara Hudes, Central High; Dana Kraviz, Cedarbrook Middle School; Julian Sanders, Simon Gratz High, and Rachel Samberg and David Stamm, both of Cheltenham High.


* Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, 29, who played a starring call-girl role in the 1989 movie Scandal, has been picked to play Scarlett O'Hara in a TV Gone With the Wind mini-series, it was announced yesterday. "I've always had a passion for Scarlett," said the actress, who also has appeared in Willow, Navy SEALS and the TV mini-series The Singing Detective. No Rhett Butler yet. Producers say the series, based on Alexandra Ripley's book Scarlett, will cost $40 million and take six months to shoot in 54 locations.

Whitney Houston discloses on The Barbara Walters Special tonight on ABC that she had a miscarriage while shooting the movie The Bodyguard. The singer says that the event, before her marriage to Bobby Brown, was "very painful - emotionally and physically" - but that she was back on the set the next day.


* Christy Turlington slapped a photographer several times and gave him a swift kick at a post-show party in Lower Manhattan during last week's fashion- show binge. The model was apparently ticked at British lensman Stephen Wood for taking pictures of her as she changed ensembles at a European show. "No, I did not give you permission," she was heard to yell before landing the blows.

Howard Rollins, star of TV's In the Heat of the Night, was being held without bail yesterday in Rockdale (Ga.) County Jail after being arrested Saturday for drunk driving. It's his third arrest for DUI.

Pete Townshend surprised the Low Road when he sat in with the Philly folk- rockers as they played a Lower Manhattan party Saturday night. They did ''Save It for Later" together. The occasion was a birthday bash for Michael Cerveris, the lead in Broadway's Tommy.


* The Loni Anderson-Burt Reynolds marriage was never anything but a marriage of convenience between "two aging stars" who needed boosts. So say two reporters - Dennis Niemiec and Robert Sherefkin - who are writing a biography of the actor. They also call the stars' son, Quinton, "a prop" dumped onto nannies as soon as the cameras leave.

Donna Hanover Guiliani, Big Apple first-lady-to-be, said she intended to go on with her life as journalism teacher and anchor on the TV Food Network. "I think it's good for young people to see a two-career marriage where both people support each other's work." Besides, "I'm just not good on wifely things." She says she and Rudy sleep in a queen-size bed and added: "Being loved by the No. 1 person in your life does a lot to diminish the hurts."

Larry King's newest girlfriend is Rama Fox. Blond, pretty - puts you in mind of - well, Julia King.


* Lebanese-born Frenchman Amin Maalouf was named winner yesterday of the

Goncourt literature prize, France's equivalent of the Pulitzer. He won for Le Rocher de Tanios (The Rock of Tanios), a novel about an illegitmate child in 19th-century Lebanon. Said Maalouf, 44, in Paris: "I came here 17 years ago with a suitcase in my hand, and today I have the Goncourt, a prize I dreamed about as a child."

Author-in-hiding Salman Rushdie bad-mouthed Germany and Japan last weekend for not adopting sanctions against Iran for supporting terrorism. At the International Writers' Parliament in Strasbourg, France, the writer railed against Germany's invitation for a state visit to Iran's chief of secret services. "This man is the world's major terrorist, and this is the man who Germans roll out the red carpet for. This is an offense against Europe."

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