Colts Simply No Scoring Machine

Posted: December 13, 1993

The Colts have won four games this season.

Three of them were by the same score - 9-6.

If there's one thing Indianapolis does well, it is kick field goals. Or more precisely, settle for them.

Dean Biasucci kicked two more yesterday against the Giants, both in the second quarter, from 21 and 26 yards. Last week, he kicked three, including the game-winner in overtime, against the Jets. But this time, also in Giants Stadium, it wasn't enough.

The Giants (10-3) clinched a playoff spot with a 20-6 victory. And all the Colts - who have not scored a touchdown in 17 quarters - have to look forward to is next Sunday night's nationally televised (ESPN) home game against the Eagles.

Sounds like a ratings blockbuster.

Jeff George completed 22 of 38 passes for 254 yards, but again failed to produce a touchdown.

"I have no idea what (the problem) is," said Colts offensive tackle Trevor Matich. "The players here are good enough to get it in and the scheme is good enough to get it in. The only thing that I can think of is that somewhere in the bayou there's a voodoo doll with a couple of pins stuck in the red zone."

The Giants, who got a career-best 173 yards rushing from Rodney Hampton, won their fifth in a row.

Remember, the Giants were 6-10 last year under Ray Handley. But now, Dan Reeves is calling the shots. And it shows.

"I never expected to be back in the playoffs this year, not in my wildest dreams," said linebacker Corey Miller. "With all the changes around here, I just never expected it."

"You're expectations change every week, and right now my expectations are very high," said veteran quarterback Phil Simms. "This team always seems to find a way to do the right thing."

Simms passed for only 85 yards but the Giants dominated with 205 yards rushing.

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