Glen Campbell On His Year With Tanya Tucker

Posted: March 30, 1994

Glen Campbell, in his autobio out next month, says fighting was such a force in his year-long "drinking and drugging" liaison with Tanya Tucker that: "We even fought during sex once or twice."

In Rhinestone Cowboy, the singer calls their thing 13 years ago - when he was 42 and she was 21 - "a poisoned relationship." He calls Tucker "a crazy woman . . . (with) the nerve and strength to fight a chain saw. Too often, she viewed me as the saw."

Tucker called Campbell's "obligation to set the record straight . . . admirable," but added: "Should my memoirs ever be written, they will offer a different perspective. . . . I choose to live in the present, anticipate the future and count my many blessings, not my burdens."


* Sylvester Stallone, 47, has jettisoned girlfriend of six years Jennifer Flavin. Informed her via Fed Ex two weeks ago as she attended her sister's wedding in Minnesota. Flavin, 25, is a model for Revlon, among other gigs. The split might or might not have something to do with Janice Dickinson, who gave birth to a girl Feb. 23, then fingered Stallone as the sperm donor. Earlier this month, the actor issued a paternal denial but this week he's pictured in the Star cavorting with Dickinson, 37, in Miami.

The Cindy Crawford-Richard Gere publicity machine felt obliged to issue a denial about the couple's being preggers. "It's not true," a publicist declared Monday. "She's not pregnant. We confirmed it with Richard himself." What's he know? Yo, Cin!

In one of your weirder breakups, Merv Griffin has dropped Eva Gabor as his longtime escort-on-demand. A friend, who says she's "devastated," adds: ''Merv has taken care of Eva for years . . . and now he's walked out of her life." He's 68; she's about 73.

Ricki Lake, 25, who went from actress to talk-show host after losing 100 pounds, married artist Rob Sussman, 27, last weekend in Las Vegas. It's the first for both.


* Leonard Slatkin, named Monday as music director of Washington's National Symphony Orchestra, gave our local band a backhanded compliment when asked how he wanted his new charges to sound. "Something like the Philadelphia," he said, "before (Riccardo) Muti, or the Boston at one time. The opposite of the Chicago or New York sound." Slatkin, 49, indicated that he'd be a booster of American composers

The album Chant, featuring 1,000-year-old music sung by Spain's Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos, has debuted at No. 42 on Billboard's pop chart after its first week in stores. It sold 350,000 copies last year in Spain. "We're telling people not to play it while driving - it's so mellow," said Angel Records head Steven Murphy. "Or . . . drive in the slow lane."


* Jerry Seinfeld will be featured on the cover of May's Automobile, the first time a star outshines a car on the mag front. Inside, the comedian - who owns eight Porsches - talks fondly of his 1976 Volkswagen Bug convertible. "I learned to drive in a Bug," he says. "Everybody has an experience imprinted in their mind that happened to them in a Bug. . . . You can't drive up in a Chrysler New Yorker and say, 'My uncle had one of those.' You don't even know what the hell it is."


* Mort Sahl, who made us laugh at 1950s uptightness and 1960s pretense, opens his one-man show, Mort Sahl's America, Monday at Manhattan's Theater Four. Sahl, 66, tells of wearying at a Democratic fund-raising event because all the candidates were referred to as " 'just like Kennedy.' Finally, in exasperation I turned to a waiter and asked, 'Is there anyone in the Democratic Party who isn't like Kennedy?' And he said, 'Yeah, Ted.' "

Jackie Mason, starring in his one-man Broadway show, Politically Incorrect, notes in the show: "People say violence on TV leads to violence in real life. But there are so many cooking shows on TV. Did it make one Jewish woman start cooking?"


* Actress Lana Turner, 74, diagnosed with throat cancer two years ago, was in L.A.'s Cedars Sinai Medical Center yesterday for a day of tests. A hospital spokesman said she underwent "X-ray studies. . . . Her condition is quite satisfactory."

Ten thousand people don't go into 8,000 seats and therein lies the answer to why Pearl Jam fans found violence and mayhem at a Miami gig Monday night where bottles and rocks flew and fences were torn down. A photog called it ''real ugly out there." Riot police were called. Five people were arrested and four hurt.

The International Best Dressed Committee has announced its 1994 lists. Among the women: Princess Caroline, Sharon Stone and Joan Rivers. Among the men: writer Martin Amis, Andrew Lauren (Ralph's boy), Denzel Washington and b- ball coach Pat Riley.

Louis Farrakhan demands stamina of his audience. Monday night he started talking at Kean College in North Jersey just after 9 p.m. and didn't finish until 12:40 a.m.


* Lee Greenwood, trying to make a country singer out of LaToya Jackson in Nashville, was asked for his impressions. Said he: "There has yet to be a voice like hers in country music." Sly ol' boy!

Producer Aaron Spelling, considering a possible 25th anniversary show of TV's Beverly Hills, 90210, mused: "Let's see - Jason (Priestley) will have married Luke (Perry). And my daughter, Tori (Spelling), will still be a virgin."

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