Phils Resolve Blue-cap Crisis With An Agreement: Hats Off On Sundays

Posted: May 01, 1994

Players thought they were ugly and unlucky and didn't want to wear them. Management saw a substantial investment and wanted to sell them. Yesterday, with another home day game less than 24 hours away, the issue of the Phillies' blue hats had reached crisis stage.

So, following pregame negotiations between Darren Daulton and Lee Thomas last night, the Phillies announced a compromise had been reached - one in which the players appeared to have extracted a slight concession from the club.

The Phils will not wear the clashing blue hats today or for the remaining 10 Sunday day games at Veteran Stadium. They will, however, wear them for the five Businessperson's Specials left on the schedule.

"It's time to put an end to this," said Daulton. "The color of hats doesn't win or lose games."

Ballplayers are notoriously superstitious, and when the Phillies lost their first three games wearing the hats the issue moved beyond fashion and into the touchy realm of wins and losses.

"We will lose the blue hats," Lenny Dykstra announced during an appearance on The Tonight Show last week. Then he joined host Jay Leno in shredding several of them.

The players had wanted to wear red hats for their last home day game - April 19 - but a last-minute meeting involving Daulton and Thomas aborted that move.

"There's no way we're wearing those things again tomorrow," one Phillie said before last night's game. "They're trying to decide what to do now, but they (management) know how we feel about them. They'll try to cut their losses



Mariano Duncan started at shortstop last night after a day's rest did nothing to improve Kevin Stocker's injured right wrist.

"It's not any different from (Friday)," said team physician Phillip Marone. "He's still hurting."

Marone said it would be at least several days before Stocker could be expected to play again.

"It's very likely he won't be playing for at least a couple of days," said Marone. "And if it doesn't square itself away by tomorrow, I'll have to look at it further . . . We might have to do an MRI to get a closer look."

Stocker injured his wrist swinging and missing a pitch in Wednesday's loss at Los Angeles.

He has been wearing a cast at night and taking anti-inflammatory drugs, Marone said.

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