Schott Under Fire, Says 'Fruits' Wear Earrings

Posted: May 19, 1994

Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott, suspended from baseball last year for using racial and ethnic slurs, said yesterday she doesn't want her ballplayers to wear earrings because "only fruits wear earrings."

Schott's remark, reported in today's editions of the Cincinnati Enquirer, was made to the Ohio County Treasurers Association. She was talking about the appearance of today's ballplayers, including those with scruffy beards or who wear earrings.

"It just doesn't seem right," Schott told the Enquirer after the speech. ''I was raised to believe that men wearing earrings are fruity. I guess things have changed since then."

"It's come to the point that the city has become used to being embarrassed by Marge Schott's mouth," Tomm Kamm, spokesman for Cincinnati's Gay & Lesbian March Activists-ACT UP, told the Enquirer. "I'm sure people will respond to it, and I'm offended. But she knows what she's saying. I think it's mostly a behavioral problem and people should just ignore it. Unfortunately, that's just Marge."

Baseball's ruling executive council, chaired by Milwaukee Brewers owner Bud Selig, will investigate Schott's comment.

Baseball officials suspended Schott for a year in February 1993 after investigators found she had made anti-Semitic and racist remarks. Her suspension lasted eight months, followed by four months' probation.

In other Reds news, closer Rob Dibble is slightly ahead of schedule in his comeback from April 11 surgery to repair his right shoulder and could be pitching again after the All-Star Game if there are no setbacks.

Also Reds reliever Hector Carrasco was hospitalized after a corn on his right foot became infected.

In other news:


Shirley Davis, a relative of Barry Bonds, asked a judge in Riverside, Calif., to issue a restraining order against the man Bonds is accused of threatening.

Bonds says he became involved in the family dispute because he believed the safety of his 3-year-old cousin (Davis's granddaughter) was at risk. Bonds alleged Sam Green threw a rock through a window in Davis's house where his cousins were sleeping.

Hair salon owner Shirley Lewis is seeking a restraining order to keep Bonds away from Green, her son, whom she says Bonds threatened.

A new hearing was scheduled for June 14.

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