Bowden Suspends Bentley, Charlton

Posted: May 19, 1994

Placekicker Scott Bentley and reserve tight end Kamari Charlton were suspended from the national champion Florida State football team yesterday by coach Bobby Bowden.

Charlton, 21, was freed from jail after posting $10,500 bond on felony rape and simple assault charges. Earlier in the week, Bentley was fined $500 and sentenced to 40 hours on a Leon County sheriff's department road crew for illegally recording a sexual encounter with a female student.

"This should serve as a clear message to our football players that this behavior and mistreatment of women will not be tolerated," Bowden said.

Neither player was told of the suspensions by university officials.

"What I was told would happen didn't, and I'm kind of disappointed about that," Bentley said. "I just heard it from (the media)."

Bowden said he did not plan to make a decision about reinstating Bentley and Charlton until all legal action is completed and he has talked to the players and their families. Both players will remain on scholarship and will keep their room-and-board privileges until the matter is resolved.

The separate events surrounding Charlton and Bentley came on the heels of a Sports Illustrated cover story last week that said eight other players accepted illegal gifts and cash during the Seminoles' 1993 national championship season.

"I am sad about players who were victimized by unauthorized sports agents, and I am even more disturbed by charges that any of our players may have victimized others," Bowden said. "I can assure you that any players involved in misdeeds, criminal or otherwise, will be dealt with accordingly."

Bowden has been away from the campus on his annual swing across the country to update alumni on his team. He took his action yesterday from Washington, D.C.

"He's sure getting tired of these urgent messages being left for him in his hotel rooms," Florida State spokesman Wayne Hogan said.