Havertown Man Gets Jail On Molestation Charges Robert Cicchinelli Had Been Convicted Of Indecent Assault On Two Boys. Maintained His Innocence.

Posted: November 29, 1994

Shocked and stumbling, Robert Cicchinelli was led from a Montgomery County courtroom in handcuffs yesterday, still denying that he had fondled and molested two boys left in his care.

Cicchinelli, a 34-year-old former Boy Scout leader and summer camp counselor, was sentenced to spend 3 1/2 to seven years in state prison for his crimes, which police say included more than 37 instances of inappropriate touching and abuse between November 1992 and May 1993.

During that period, police say, Cicchinelli once exposed himself to the boys and repeatedly fondled them at the Conshohocken firehouse where he worked as an emergency medical technician; at the Blue Bell Senior Camp, where he was employed for eight years; and at his home in Havertown, Delaware County.

The boys were ages 12 and 13 at the time of the incidents.

Convicted last month on a charge of indecent exposure and 18 counts each of indecent assault and corrupting the morals of a minor, Cicchinelli yesterday asked Judge Lawrence A. Brown for leniency. Wending his way through the

criminal justice system has been an ordeal, Cicchinelli said.

"I just think I have to get through all this to get on with something better in my life," Cicchinelli told Brown. "I hope I am given the chance."

Cicchinelli denied he had perjured himself when he declared his innocence at the trial last month. In July, he pleaded guilty to a reduced number of charges in the case, only to withdraw the plea hours before he was scheduled to be sentenced.

"With all due regard, your honor, I have always thought there was a presumption that I was guilty," Cicchinelli said, adding that he had originally tried to take the "path of lesser resistance."

"It became fairly obvious early on that I had what I thought was a hopeless case," Cicchinelli told the judge.

"A lot of times, that's what happens when you're guilty," Brown responded.

Brown rejected pleas from Cicchinelli's friends and relatives, who sought leniency for a man they said repeatedly went out of his way to care for and do favors for others.

Cicchinelli faces trial in Delaware County Court next month in two similar cases, including more charges brought by one of the Montgomery County victims.

Under the sentence Brown imposed, Cicchinelli will not be ordered to attend a counseling program, nor will he be subject to any post-prison probation.

Deputy District Attorney Thomas Egan said he was pleased with the sentence. ''In this case," Egan said, "I don't think (the lack of counseling is) going to make much difference."

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