Surgery For Daugherty Cavs Center To Have Herniated Discs Removed

Posted: December 03, 1994

Brad Daugherty, in the hope of playing basketball again someday, said he will have back surgery to remove two herniated discs.

Daugherty, who definitely will miss the season, made the announcement at a press conference yesterday at Gund Arena in Cleveland. He will have the discs removed from his lower back Monday at University Hospitals by Dr. Henry Bohlman.

"I don't have to have this operation," Daugherty said after the press conference. "I can rehab my back for another five months or five years, and it might get better. But that way, I don't know if I'll ever play again. I want to give myself a chance to play, so I am going ahead with this and pointing toward next season."

Why didn't Daugherty just have the operation after he injured his back last February?

"I checked around and checked around," Daugherty said. "I tried to find an athlete who had a disc problem like mine. There were guys like Scottie Pippen, Joe Montana and Rick Mahorn who had disc surgery, but their damage was to the side of the disc, which made it easier to remove. Mine is in the center, and that makes it more difficult."

He said he could not find a case like his in all of pro sports.

Bohlman said Daugherty followed standard procedure in trying to recover

from his back troubles.

In other news:


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