Pippen Previously Accused Of Domestic Violence

Posted: May 24, 1995

Scottie Pippen's off-court troubles is continuing.

Three days after the Chicago Bulls star was charged with domestic battery against his fiancee, Northbrook, Ill., police yesterday released records indicating that he was accused of domestic violence twice before. He was not arrested or charged in either case after the alleged victims chose not to file complaints.

Also yesterday, a Cook County judge approved an agreement that orders Pippen to pay $10,000 to a former girlfriend who has filed a paternity suit alleging that Pippen is the father of her 10-month-old daughter.

Pippen was charged with one count of domestic battery Friday when his fiancee, Yvette Deleone, told police Pippen grabbed her by the arm and pushed her. Pippen was released on a $100 bond.

But that was not the first time Deleone, 27, has leveled a battery allegation at Pippen. Northbrook police records indicate that Pippen was allegedly involved in a more serious altercation with Deleone in January 1993 after Deleone said she accidentally broke Pippen's pager.

According to the police report, Pippen allegedly forced Deleone to the floor, climbed on top of her and said, "I swear to God, I'm going to kick your . . . "

The fight escalated and Pippen allegedly physically threw Deleone out of the house. The report says Deleone was thrown 10 feet in the air, falling on her arm and fracturing her wrist and hand.

Pippen told police that after Deleone left the house, she slipped and fell on the ice, breaking her hand. He claimed that she was so embarrassed and angry that she blamed him for the injury.

No charges were lodged against Pippen because Deleone refused to file a complaint, according to police.

The other incident of alleged domestic battery involved Pippen and his ex- wife, Karen, in 1989. That complaint alleged that Pippen "started to hit and choke" his ex-wife, but she declined to press charges.

In other news:


New York Knicks coach Pat Riley said lack of harmony, not lack of talent, caused his team's second-round playoff demise against Indiana.

"It makes my stomach turn," Riley said after a season-ending meeting with his players. "We had a team that was good enough to win. It was built to win . . . For the majority of the season, we were pulling apart. And you can't put that stuff behind you."

Riley refused to comment on whether he will return as coach for a fifth year. He has one season left on his contract, and the Knicks have offered a five-year, $15-million extension.


Phoenix Suns coach Paul Westphal said if Charles Barkley returns for a 12th season, he will play him only about 30 minutes a game to reduce the wear and tear on Barkley's body.

After the Suns were eliminated from the playoffs by Houston last Saturday, Barkley said he expected to retire.


NBA referee Jake O'Donnell, who had a run-in with the Houston Rockets' Clyde Drexler two weeks ago, might not work any more playoff games this season, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle.

O'Donnell hasn't been assigned to a game since ejecting Drexler from a playoff contest against Phoenix on May 9. Following an investigation, the NBA rescinded all fines against Drexler, including the automatic $1,000 that comes with an ejection.

The NBA refused to comment.


M.L. Carr, the Boston Celtics' director of basketball operations, said former teammate Don Chaney is one of the candidates to replace fired coach Chris Ford. Chaney is a former coach of the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers and Detroit Pistons.


Chris Gatling, of the Golden State Warriors, has agreed to a $90,000 settlement with a woman who sued him after she broke her tailbone in a bar fight.

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