Latifah Saves Bodyguard's Life Flags A Cab After Carjackers Shoot Him

Posted: July 17, 1995

NEW YORK — Rap and television star Queen Latifah saved her bodyguard's life after a carjacking yesterday by commandeering a cab that raced the wounded man to

Harlem Hospital.

Meanwhile, the carjackers who shot the bodyguard sped off with the singer's luxury car, police said.

Latifah, who was not hurt in the ambush, stepped into the street at Eighth Avenue and 125th Street to flag down the cab as bodyguard Sean Moon lay bleeding. She insisted that the cab race to the hospital, which is about a mile away, police said.

"She jumped in the cab and took them to the hospital," said a detective who asked not to be identified.

"It was excellent," the detective said. "It was probably what saved his life. Here she was, a victim of a crime in a stressful situation, and she was cool, calm and collected."

Police questioned two men last night after finding Latifah's green 1995 BMW on a street in Far Rockaway, Queens, near where one of them lives. But neither man was charged with a crime.

Moon, 22, was in critical but stable condition with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Latifah, 25, whose real name is Dana Owens and who stars on the Fox television series "Living Single," was in the car with passenger Lynn Mayo, who was sitting in the backseat. Mayo also was unhurt.

Latifah reportedly flew to California last night and didn't comment about the carjacking.

"Thank God, he's going to be OK," said Moon's uncle Luther Chrisp. "He was shot for the car, that's all."

Chrisp said Moon was about to try out for the New York Jets and met Latifah ''at a disco a few years back." Moon worked at the time as a bouncer at the disco.

Detectives don't believe the carjackers singled out the BMW because Latifah was behind the wheel.

Unlike many other rappers, Latifah has not glorified violence in her rap music and has taken other rap artists to task for portraying women as sex objects.

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