City Closes Stop 'N' Go Deli Citing Violations City And Residents Agree, Chestnut Street Deli Was A Nuisance

Posted: July 18, 1995

The district attorney's office, working with a city inter-agency task force, has closed a West Philadelphia stop 'n' go deli, citing "numerous violations" of the city code.

The action was taken Friday against the Chestnut Street Deli, of Farragut Street near Sansom in West Philadelphia, after it was the target of more than a dozen neighborhood complaints, said Carl Anderson, assistant district attorney with the public nuisance task force and the narcotics enforcement division.

Anderson said residents complained about nuisances and illegal conduct that had taken place at or near the business.

Following an inspection, the deli was closed for electrical code violations.

Frank Antico, director of business regulatory enforcement at the Department of Licenses and Inspections, said inspectors spotted serious safety violations, including a lack of emergency lighting, a flooded basement and exposed wiring.

He said the deli was getting permits yesterday to do the electrical work.

Edgar Jaramillo, assistant district attorney and chief of the public nuisance task force in the narcotics enforcement division, said his office had observed the deli 15 different times over the last four months and concluded it is a public nuisance.

He said legal action on that basis may be taken later.

Anderson said the observations supported neighbors' complaints of patrons engaging in drunk and disorderly conduct, drug transactions, public urination, and loud and profane language.

"We went and took a look for ourselves," said Jaramillo. "It showed the communities were correct in their outcry."

Anderson said records show Sook Chung Kim is the owner of the state liquor license. The owner of the property is Lim Sook C.

The Chestnut Street Deli is one of 13 Asian-owned stop 'n' go delis that sued the city in federal court last month, alleging that the city violated their civil rights during a recent deli crackdown.

Jaramillo said the action taken Friday against the deli was unrelated to the crackdown.

Attorney William Schwartz, representing the Korean American Licenses Beverage Association, said city officials failed to provide the usual notice of violation, which is addressed to a certain party, lists the violations involved, gives a time limit to correct the problem and explains the right of appeal.

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