Stars Prove Sexy Isn't Complicated

Posted: August 25, 1995

Reassuring news from the latest issue of In Style magazine: When Hollywood's rich and beautiful people think about sex, they can be just as pedestrian about it as any middle-income, undertoned Philadelphian.

Consider the results of the mag's "What's Sexy?" survey, which reveals a surprising lack of creativity and expensive demands from its star participants.

Hey, Jennifer Aniston, star of "Friends": What's your sexiest outfit? ''Boxer shorts and a tank top." Golly, half the people reading this column are probably wearing boxer shorts and a tank top.

What's the sexiest smell? Cindy Crawford says "the nook of a man's chest." Heather Locklear prefers "the nape of the neck." Drew Barrymore likes "my boyfriend's underarm." Great news, guys - if you have a chest, neck and arms, you're in!

The sexiest gift you've ever received? A back rub, Crawford says. A

candelit massage, says Aniston, upping the ante only slightly.

In other words, fellas, relax. Despite all their money and tousled hair, these gals like stuff you already have. Isn't this a nice change of pace from when the Playboy centerfolds all claimed red sports cars were their big turn- ons?

Still, even if you really know your way around a shoulder rub, it's important to be humble. As supermodel Tyra Banks says, what's sexy now are ''men who think that they are dorks and have no idea how fine they are."


* Monaco's Prince Rainier is giving his daughter, Princess Stephanie, a firm push out the door. With her babies grown enough to be left with the royal nanny, he says, Stephanie needs to return to her ceremonial hand-shaking and ribbon-cutting duties. As much as she may have enjoyed being an at-home mom, Stephanie has good reason to go back to work. Full-time princess pay - her royal allowance - is $60,000 a month.

* "Today" anchor Bryant Gumble is suing the zoning board of his Westchester County (N.Y.) hamlet, since it won't let him renovate the barn on his 7 1/2-acre spread. Did Bryant want to make things nice for the cows and pigs? No, he and Mrs. G. had hoped to convert the barn into an apartment for one of their servants.


* A day after his liver transplant, Larry Hagman "is awake. He is smiling. He is aware of everything that is going on around him. Things are on an upswing," a spokesman for Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles said yesterday. Hagman is expected to stay in the hospital for another 12 days before beginning at-home recuperation.

* Country crooner Tammy Wynette mustn't sing or speak. She left a Pittsburgh hospital earlier this week after having polyps removed from her vocal cords. If she sticks with her no-comment policy for two weeks, doctors say, she can still manage her concert tour planned for September.


Jazz singer Nina Simone was bugged by noisy teen-agers romping near her villa in the south of France, so she did what we do here at home: She shot 'em. Simone was fined $4,600 Wednesday and ordered to undergo counseling for firing buckshot and slightly wounding a 15-year-old boy.

News reports described the singer as feeling "fragile and depressed."


The Grateful Dead's legendary guitarist Jerry Garcia left most of his estate to his widow, while his four daughters received much of the balance, according to court papers yesterday.

Dollar amounts were not specified in Garcia's will, which was filed earlier this week in Marin County (Calif.) Superior Court, but the Dead were one of the highest grossing touring acts in the history of rock 'n' roll.

Garcia and Deborah Koons, the rocker's third wife, were married on Valentine's Day last year.

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