Female Cop: I Was Raped - By Another Officer

Posted: October 14, 1995

When a female police officer worried about losing her job over a police- cruiser accident, a male officer offered to help her avoid the problem.

Instead, police sources say, he raped her.

Jerry Moore, 34, a two-year veteran, surrendered to the Sex Crimes Unit yesterday and was charged with the Sept. 25 rape of the 26-year-old female officer inside her Northeast Philadelphia apartment, police said.

Moore, who was released last night on $5,000 bail, has been suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss, police sources said. He was charged with rape, indecent exposure, aggravated sexual assault and false imprisonment.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

Both Moore and the female officer, who joined the force last January, were assigned to the 17th District, 20th and Federal streets.

Police sources gave the following account:

A few days before the assault, the rookie officer was parked in a cruiser alongside another cruiser. When the rookie received a call and started to leave, her cruiser scraped the side of the other vehicle.

Later that day, police sources said, the accident became com on knowledge in the 17th District and the officer feared that damaging the cruiser would get her fired. The sources said Moore approached and offered to help the officer avoid problems resulting from the accident.

A few days later, at about 5:45 p.m. on Sept. 25, the woman officer was at home, speaking on the phone, when Moore rang the doorbell. The woman told her caller that another officer was at the door, and hung up.

Once inside the apartment, on Longshore Avenue near Hegerman Street, police sources said, Moore began kissing and fondling the woman officer. The sources said Moore forced her into a bedroom and started to rape her, then stopped the assault and left.

The woman officer called relatives and told them of the attack, the sources said, and the next day informed her sergeant when she reported for work at the 17th District. The sergeant notified the Sex Crimes Unit.

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