Report: Hornets Might Trade Off Mourning

Posted: October 30, 1995

There's already been talk - and it will be the hottest rumor and speculation until he becomes a free agent next July - that the Hornets are considering dealing center Alonzo Mourning.

League sources tell the Chicago Tribune that the Hornets have been floating Mourning's name to assess trade value.

A major trade is unlikely because the receiving team would not be guaranteed it could re-sign Mourning, who reportedly rejected an 11-year, $100 million offer from the Hornets just before the lockout last June.

Hornets officials say they intend to keep Mourning, but they also appear to be trying to get fans ready.

"I think people understand we have to do everything within reason to re- sign Alonzo Mourning," team president Spencer Stolpen told the Charlotte Observer. "Would those season ticketholders accept a 50 percent increase? I don't know. Would those fans clamor for us to re-sign a player if that meant the team couldn't make a profit, it meant we'd eventually go out of business? Would fans clamor for us to sign a player if, in light of that player's contract, we couldn't sign anyone else for more than the minimum? Those are distinct possibilities."

In other news:


A foundation formed by Los Angeles Clippers guard Terry Dehere and financier Robert Brennan two years ago to combat guns and inner-city violence finds itself in trouble with New Jersey officials, the Star-Ledger, of Newark, reported yesterday.

The state has charged that Brennan used the Dehere Foundation to fund

suspect securities trading by L.C. Wegard and Co., a brokerage firm Brennan secretly controlled. The Dehere Foundation allegedly transferred more than $10 million to L.C. Wegard. Federal tax law bars foundations from making loans to those who establish them.

Dehere, the former Seton Hall star, disassociated himself from the foundation early on because he felt his ideas were being ignored, and the group wasn't hands-on enough.


Toronto Raptors guard Alvin Robertson was arrested over the weekend for allegedly assaulting a Toronto woman. He was freed on $3,000 bail yesterday after a short court appearance. He was arrested at the SkyDome Hotel, where he is staying, after the incident Saturday night involving an unidentified woman.

Robertson, who is returning to the NBA after a two-year absence because of a back injury, will remain with the team.


About half of San Jose's residents don't support the mayor's plan to spend $43.5 million to attract the Golden State Warriors to the city, according to a poll by the San Jose Mercury News. The results: 49 percent don't support the plan, 35 percent do, and 16 percent don't know.

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