Ridge, Tex. Gov. Bush Make Super `Crow' Bet Each Puts Dignity On Line In Big Game

Posted: January 27, 1996

HARRISBURG — The Republican governors of the two Super Bowl states are risking a little public humiliation instead of the normal basket-of-food game-day bet.

And although the Pennsylvania and Texas senators are betting food, their wagers will go to charity.

Gov. Ridge and Texas Gov. George W. Bush, son of the former president, have agreed to a ``crow-eating'' bet in which the loser appears in public wearing some embarrassing garb.

If the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow, Bush agrees to ``eat crow'' in a public place wearing a Steeler gold ``terrible towel'' as a bib.

If the 'Boys best the Steelers, Ridge agrees to dine publicly in Pittsburgh wearing a Cowboy hat. The ``menu'' is to be determined later.

Ridge is, of course, picking the Steelers, 31-27.

The senators are sticking to food and charity.

Should the Steelers pull an upset and repeat their 1979 victory over the Cowboys, Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson has promised to send one week's supply of milk from the Oak Farms Dairy in Dallas to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.

If Deion Sanders and the rest of the NFC champions beat the Steelers, Pennsylvania Sens. Rick Santorum and Arlen Specter will donate 57 cases of baby food and soup from Heinz Food Products, and 57 cases of Charlie's Tuna Lunch Kits from Starkist Foods to the Dallas Austin Street Shelter.

``It's not like a crazy political bet, but this is one bet that the people will win no matter what,'' said Santorum.

Santorum also unveiled his ``Terrible Towel,'' saying it was the key to victory for the Steelers.

Specter and his wife, Joan, will be at Sun Devil Stadium for the game, while Santorum will spend the unofficial holiday at his home in Pittsburgh.

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