Couple Sues Former 76er Bradley The Suit Is Over Damage Done To A Rented House.

Posted: March 08, 1996

Former 76ers center Shawn Bradley is used to playing defense on a basketball court, but he may be forced to play the same role in a civil court.

Bradley, who now is with the New Jersey Nets, is being sued by his former landlords, who say the basketball star is responsible for $20,000 worth of damage to the Villanova home he rented from them for $4,000 per month.

Included among the damage listed in a suit filed this week in Montgomery County Court is almost $6,000 for carpet replacement, $1,200 for plants, $1,100 for yard work and $43 for an ice maker.

In the suit, James and Melanie Maloney say Bradley signed a two-year lease for a single-family house they own in the 1400 block of Conshohocken State Road in September 1993, just a month after he signed an eight-year contract with the Sixers worth $44 million.

In the lease, Bradley, who stands 7 feet, 6 inches tall, obtained permission to raise doorway heights between the kitchen and the dining room, the suit says. The lease also specified that Bradley had the option to extend the lease for one year or buy the house outright for $1 million, the suit says.

Less than a year later, the suit says, Bradley moved out of the house and obtained permission from the Maloneys to sublet it to Kenneth and Donna Shelton for the remainder of his lease, which was due to expire in September 1995.

Bradley charged the Sheltons - who have two children - $3,600 a month in rent. The Sheltons moved from the house in September.

In November, the Sixers traded Bradley to New Jersey, but he still lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife, Annette.

The suit does not specify whether the alleged damage was done while Bradley lived in the house or while the Sheltons did, but because Bradley's name is on the lease with the Maloneys, it does not matter, according to the Maloneys' attorney, Joseph Carney.

``All we know is that when we regained possession, the damage was there, and the lease is in Bradley's name,'' Carney said yesterday.

Neither Bradley nor the Maloneys returned calls regarding the suit.

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