Flowers Should Weather Snow

Posted: April 09, 1996

Do April snow showers bring May dead flowers?

Weather forecasters say it'll do more than shower snow today. More like two to four inches.

But the flowers should come through just fine, said Rick Lewandowski, curator at the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania.

A spring snowfall won't create significant problems for people, either, because ``most of the snow on the roads will just melt,'' said Accu-Weather meteorologist Laura Anderson. ``On lawns and other non-paved surfaces there could be a couple of inches.''

``Most of the early spring plant species that are emerging at this time of year can tolerate short periods of pretty cold weather, down even into the upper 20s,'' Lewandowski said. That includes forsythias and daffodils.

Today's high, according to Accu-Weather, should reach 40, then drop to the low to mid-30s tonight.

Even when temperatures are above freezing at ground level, if it's cold enough higher up in the atmosphere, snowflakes don't have time to melt before reaching the ground, Anderson explained.

Temperatures will climb through the week and could hit 70 by Friday, Anderson predicted.

``It's that schizophrenia we call spring. Kind of Mother Nature having a little identity crisis as we change seasons,'' she said.

Measurable snowfall has come as late as April 27, said National Weather Service meterologist Jim Poirier. On that day in 1967, one-tenth of an inch fell at the airport.

There've even been traces of snow in early May, he said.

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