Unabom Data Released List Of Execs Found At Shack

Posted: April 16, 1996

HELENA, Mont. — Federal agents found antidepressants, guns, an ``autobiography'' and a list of corporate executives in the cabin that served as a virtual bomb factory for Unabom suspect Theodore Kaczynski, FBI records released yesterday show.

The 34-page document - the most detailed inventory yet of the former Berkeley professor's 10-by-12 foot shack - lists more than 700 items removed by FBI agents. The federal judge who released the records also ruled that Kaczynski's lawyers can tour the cabin to see the results of the 13-day search.

The hermit's hillside hovel was revealed to be a low-tech bomb lab, with deadly chemicals and bomb-making tools squirreled away in every nook and cranny. But the contents also show that the man who claimed to live off the land had a taste for Quaker Oats, unsalted peanut butter and Tater Tots. Among the books in his library: ``Les Miserables'' and texts on the Bible.

Though the list contains several items called ``documents,'' there is no explicit mention made of the Unabomber's manifesto, the original of which has reportedly been found in the shack's loft.

In addition to the list of executives - who were not named in the document - agents found bus schedules and a map of the San Francisco area, where three of the Unabomber's attacks occurred.

A bottle of Trazadone, a sedative prescribed for depression, also was found.

The suspected serial mail bomber had a large assortment of stationery, including padded manila envelopes, self-adhesive labels, packing tape and a package of Mead typing paper, along with three typewriters.

A brown clasp envelope was labeled ``autobiography.'' If Kaczynski is indeed the Unabomber, he could have convicted himself. A source who has read some of Kaczynski's documents said they are shockingly revealing.

The list contains glimpses of the man who sat yesterday in the Helena county jail facing extensive bombing charges. A grand jury will meet tomorrow.

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