Browns: O.j. Tried To Pay Nicole For Sex

Posted: May 02, 1996

LOS ANGELES — The family of Nicole Brown Simpson alleged that weeks before she was murdered O.J. Simpson offered her $5,000 for sex but she rejected him, a lawyer said yesterday.

Attorney Michael Brewer said the allegations were made by Nicole's father, Lou Brown, and her sister, Dominique, during the taking of sworn depositions in a civil lawsuit against Simpson by the families of the victims.

The former football star was acquitted last October in the June 1994 murders of his ex-wife and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

Brewer said the Browns testified in depositions Tuesday that their daughter rebuffed Simpson's offer to sleep with him for money on Mother's Day in May, 1994, just a month before the murders.

Brewer, who is representing Sharon Rufo, Ronald Goldman's natural mother, in the wrongful death lawsuit against Simpson, said Lou and Dominique Brown both testified that ``there was an incident in May when Mr. Simpson wanted to have sexual relations with Nicole and she refused.''

Brewer said Nicole Brown Simpson felt insulted at her ex-husband's offer.

``Anyone with any degree of integrity would be insulted and that's apparently the way she felt,'' he said.

Juditha Brown, Nicole Simpson's mother, gave her deposition yesterday and attorney Daniel Petrocelli, representing the Goldman family, said she testified about a conversation she had with Simpson just three weeks before the murders in which she said Simpson told her:

``Your daughter left me the first time. That was my fault. If she leaves me the second time it's going to hurt.''

Judith Brown also testified that the moment she heard Arnelle Simpson sobbing over the telephone, she felt that her daughter Nicole had been killed - and probably by O.J. Simpson.

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