Predators Preyed; Donaldson Wants To Be Paid

Posted: August 13, 1996

Sam Donaldson, who took flak when it was revealed awhile back that he took federal subsidies for his New Mexico sheep ranch, clearly is not perturbed about it. He wants more.

Specifically, the ABC newsman is seeking a handout from the federal Animal Damage Control Office for animals he's lost to predators.

Noting that last year he lost 80 lambs to coyotes and other critters, he says: ``The government helps ranchers and farmers and businesses of all kinds. If it's in existence and I am eligible to use it, I'll use it.''

Countered wildlife advocate Pat Wolff: ``He's a millionaire, and millionaires shouldn't be getting taxpayer-funded predator control.''

LOCALLY CONNECTED * Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin will be the first speaker in the Free Library's ``Rebuilding the Future'' series for 1996-97. Goodwin, who's done books on the Roosevelts, the Kennedys and Lyndon Johnson, will talk on ``The Art of Biography'' Sept. 12, 8 p.m., at the main library, 1901 Vine St. For ticket information, call 215-893-1145.

Moorestown actor Rudy Jones, who for three years has directed the annual local journalists' satiric review known as The Gridiron, will appear in the TV soap Guiding Light on Aug. 22, 23 and 26. He plays a hospital orderly who must restrain a frenzied patient played by Donna Hanover, wife of Big Apple mayor Rudolph Giuliani. ``I'm the other Rudy in her life,'' joked Jones.

Unreported in last week's selections for the new Annie Broadway production was that Karen D'Agostino, 11, was among the 13 finalists for the title role. Parents are Joe and Diane D'Agostino of Northeast Philly.

Two area poets, Daisy Fried and Dylan Banks, will read from their writings at Robin's Book Store, 108 S. 13th St., Thursday at 7 p.m. She's a City Paper reporter. He's editor of Current Affair mag and cellist with the Delaware County Regional Youth Orchestra.

COUPLES * Basketball star Hakeem Olajuwon, 33, wed Dalia Asafi, 18, in an Islamic ceremony on Thursday. Olajuwon's assistant gave no details except that the bride wants to study medicine. He just signed a five-year contract extension with Houston worth $55 mil.

Yasir Arafat admits that his wife of four years, Suha, 34, constantly complains that affairs of state frequently keep him out after midnight - and that he sees so little of year-old daughter, Zahwa, that once when she went to his office he didn't recognize her. Noted Arafat, 64, in a Jerusalem TV interview Sunday: ``It is very difficult. I know [Suha] is suffering. Still, she is my second wife. My first wife is my people.'' Suha, become one of the people!

TV OR NOT TV * In September's Good Housekeeping, Frank Gifford unburdens himself of anger from the heat that wife Kathie Lee took over that sweat shop biz. ``My initial reaction was to punch someone,'' he says. ``I want to be able to spend an afternoon with my kids and not walk down the street and have to answer questions about how manufacturers and sales work.'' He adds: ``At night I would listen to David Letterman and his attacks against her. We thought he was a friend. I will never look at him - or Jay Leno - in the same way.''

ABC newsie Catherine Crier has been hired away by Fox News for its all-news cable channel debuting Oct. 7. She'll host a live interview show and, with Mike Schneider, anchor Fox's election coverage on Nov. 5. Crier's a former Texas state judge.

THE BOOK BEAT * Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People has sold 1 million copies in audio form, the first to do that, says Simon & Schuster. Since the book's 1989 publication it's sold more than 5 mil in the old form.

Sales of Robert Sawyer's The Terminal Experiment have zoomed since it won this year's Nebula and Aurora prizes, the top sci-fi awards in the United States and Canada. It's being translated into five languages, and a movie's in the works. The book's set 15 years hence and is about a death-obsessed engineer who discovers scientific proof for the existence of the soul.

MARKINGS * In a startling example of out-of-control bidding at that April Jackie O flea market, Tiffany exec John Loring reveals that he coughed up $8,734 for a pair of fake-silver beakers he himself bought for the ex-first lady in 1985 off a Nepal street. Original price - $10 each. ``I knew I would pay dearly,'' Loring writes in September's Architectural Digest. ``But I wanted them back as a remembrance.''

From the why-didn't-they-think-of-this-sooner file: Publisher Dan Couvrette launched Divorce mag yesterday in Chicago. New York will get it in October and other cities next year. Editor Diana Shepherd was previously associate editor of Wedding Bells mag. Easy come, easy go!

THE ROYAL WATCH * Photog Carlos Arriazu Sanchez and private detective Carlos Fernandez were convicted yesterday in New York for tapping the phone of an ex-model rumored to be having an affair with Spain's Crown Prince Felipe. The two will be sentenced Sept. 24 and face up to four years in jail. Giselle Howard, 26, denied having anything going with Felipe, 28, despite pix in a Spanish mag last year of them cavorting in the Caribbean surf. She's pursuing a degree in child psychology at Columbia U.

Who should show up at last weekend's Prince Andrew-Duchess of York London bash marking the divorced duo's 10th wedding anniversary but old ember Koo Stark. She dates to the prince's ``Randy Andy'' days of the early '80s. Witnesses said they danced cheek-to-cheek, only had eyes for each other, etc.

MUSIC MAKERS * Mickey Dolenz, on the Monkees' 30th anniversary tour, ends a three-day art exhibit today at Founders Hall in Charlotte, N.C. He describes his paintings and lithographs as ``still lifes of things you can't see'' - like a 72-hour-old human embryo, or an AIDS virus attacking a human cell. ``I've always been a big fan of sciences, and I saw a lot of beauty in the images,'' said Dolenz, a former physics student.

A 1979 album by the late Karen Carpenter, which she made for image-changing purposes but which was never released, will be out in October from A&M Records, reports Mr. Showbiz, the World Wide Web entertainment site. The CD was produced by Phil Ramone, and, according to an A&M representative, Carpenter ``sounds more sultry, more adult, a little like Donna Summer, if you can believe that.'' Can, but won't!

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