Roger Moore Recalls Incident With A Pedophile

Posted: August 30, 1996

Roger Moore, addressing the first World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploi-tation of Children yesterday in Stockholm, told of how a pedophile came on to him at a Cub Scouts trip when he was 8.

``He sort of said I had nice knees, which I thought was a bit peculiar,'' the actor said. ``I left the tent and I was sitting on a branch, and after a couple of minutes he came out and he made another suggestive remark about my anatomy. . . . He made a grab and I just rolled backwards over the branch and ran off.''

Speaking as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Moore, 68, said the incident influenced his decision to work for children's rights.

``I was 16 before I told my mother,'' he said, ``because deep down I had a sense of guilt that maybe I had done something wrong. Sometimes [kids] can't be heard because their voices are not strong enough and there's nobody to hear them.''

He added that children should be encouraged to tell an adult in authority ``what has happened to them that they think is strange.''

LOCALLY CONNECTED * Jim Sioutis, who appears in the TV soap The City, and Kool-Aid national shiller Eugene Byrd will be among the judges at a talent search Sept. 7 at HMV Record Store, 1510 Walnut St. The search is by Huntingdon Valley's Talent Works, which is looking for entertainers between ages 7 and 21 ``who can demonstrate their acting ability or other talents such as singing and dancing.'' Auditions start at noon. Wannabes should bring a pic.

Joel Assouline of Northern Liberties' Assouline & Ting, will open a gourmet grocery in Liberty Place Oct. 1. ``It'll be Philadelphia's first caviar bar,'' he said. Fellow foodie Kevin Meeker, who owns Philadelphia Fish & Co. plus Cuvee Notredame, plans an authentic Gaelic pub for the Corn Exchange at Second and Chestnut Streets. Look for it in February next to where Rococo, another eatery, will open soon.

The Greater Philadelphia Food Bank's 15th anniversary benefit art auction will be at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Gregg Center, 270 Bryn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr. Among more than 40 pieces offered will be works by Stuart Shils, David Webster, Peggy Gyulai, Joe Sweeney and Giovanni Casadei. Tix are $25 in advance, $35 at the door. Call 215-739-7394.

COUPLES * Amy Carter, 28, will wear a 1920s-style wedding gown and, with the help of buds, is making her own wedding cake for nups Sunday at the Plains, Ga., home of her late grandmother. The groom is Villanova grad James Wentzel, a computer consultant. ``We've been madly housecleaning and shaping up the area where the wedding is going to be held and getting . . . our friends to devise flower arrangements,'' said ex-prez Jimmy Carter. About 80 out-of-town guests are expected at the casual rite where men can go tieless.

Ricki Lake and husband Rob Sussman expect their first kid in March.

Frank Gifford indicates in a TV interview that he and Kathie Lee are considering adoption. On Phyllis George's TNN program showing Sept. 11, he said they've talked about adopting ``maybe from here in our country or from China.''

MUSIC MAKERS * Looks like a reluctant Liam Gallagher will make Oasis' Labor Day gig at the CoreStates Center after all. He caught a plane out of London for the States yesterday, swearing and making obscene gestures to media-ites who saw him off at Heathrow airport. ``I hate you [obscenity] lot,'' he said. ``. . . You're always asking me too many things. I'm not a supermodel, you know.'' The band opened without him Tuesday in Chicago.

Did his sore throat heal? Did he finally find a house with live-in actress Patsy Kensit? Didn't say. But maybe he heard that many tixholders were asking for refunds as word of his absence spread.

The Smashing Pumpkins, in Las Vegas Tuesday resuming the tour suspended after the July 12 drug death of keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin, indicated there's little chance that bounced drummer Jimmy Chamberlin will ever rejoin the group. He was with Melvoin at the overdose and faces drug charges Sept. 25 connected with the death. Lead singer Billy Corgan told Rolling Stone mag that though he sometimes wishes for the original lineup, ``I feel I really turned a corner on it. I still believe he's got God's gift. But it would take a lot of tea in China to go back to that.''

FAMILY MATTERS * Chelsea Clinton is not coming out as a political activist despite her high visibility this week during the Democratic National Convention, said a White House spokesman. ``[Her parents] have never, ever even suggested that she do anything she was not comfortable with. If she expressed interest it would be considered. . . . She does what she wants to do.''

Another White Houser noted that the first daughter didn't even ask her parents if she could attend his State of the Union address, but instead asked her father's secretary for a ticket. For a couple of days, her folks didn't even know she was going. Chelsea, 16, reportedly has no political interests but wants to study medicine.

Dennis Rodman's father, whom he hasn't seen in more than 30 years, was unearthed running a dingy bar in Angeles City, Philippines. Philander Rodman Jr., 56, has 27 kids by ``four different wives and extracurricular activities. . . . You get tired of cake every day. You want pie.'' Philander Jr., who deserted the basketball player's mother when Dennis was 3, said Philander Sr. left his wife when Jr. was 6.

``Later on, when I got married and Dennis' mother gave me such a hard time, I understood it wasn't my daddy's fault.'' He's phoned and faxed Dennis but gets no response. He doesn't want anything, he says. ``I just like to look at [him] and say, `That's my son.' ''

SO THEY SAY * Sonny Bono, asked how he can call himself a non-politician, replied: ``Let me put it this way. I made a living as a singer, and I'm not a singer.''

Domestic dominatrix Martha Stewart on needing only three or four hours of sleep a day with catnaps: ``I can sleep in the car. But I think while I nap, so it's not a waste of time.'' For whom?

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