Judge Leaves Stockbroker On Hold - In Jail Cell - In Harassment Case

Posted: September 21, 1996

One thing about former Philadelphia stockbroker Laura Goldman: She's persistent.

About two months ago, a New York federal judge placed Goldman, 37, on five years' probation for making numerous threatening and harassing phone calls to a Boston financier whom Goldman had accused of raping her.

The rape charge against Thomas Lee was dropped.

As part of Goldman's probation, she was ordered to stop calling Lee, 51, whose net worth is estimated at $400 million, and his attorneys.

But Goldman simply expanded her target list, and the calls just kept on coming, it was revealed yesterday.

Goldman has continued to threaten Lee, his son, his lawyers and even her own probation officer during numerous calls to all of them, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Zane Memeger.

She also had threatened suicide.

It was enough for U.S. District Judge Tulio Gene Leomporra to order Goldman to be detained in a cell over the weekend and taken to New York on Monday for a probation violation hearing.

During the brief hearing, Goldman's attorney and brother, Jeffrey E. Goldman, asked that his sister be placed under house arrest at their mother's Cherry Hill home.

But the prosecutor called Goldman a ``risk to the community'' and noted she had not seen a psychiatrist or done any community service work, as ordered in her probation.

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