Salvatore And Fumo Lead A Parade Of Incumbents Back To Harrisburg

Posted: November 06, 1996

On a day when Philadelphia voters sent incumbents of both parties back to Harrisburg, veteran State Sen. Frank A. Salvatore easily defeated challenger Tom Mills in a battle for the Fifth District seat in Northeast Philadelphia.

Salvatore, 74, a Republican, had been painted by his rival as arrogant and out of touch. At a victory party at the Bavarian Club on Haldeman Avenue, Salvatore dismissed the criticism, saying his constituents were his sole concern.

Voters, he said, ``elect me to serve them. And when I lose that perspective, I hope they will throw me out.''

Four State Senate and 27 House seats were on the ballot in Philadelphia. In a heavily Democratic city like this one, the most serious contests in many cases came during the May primaries. Democrats who prevailed in those contests headed into the general election strongly favored.

Incumbents marched smoothly to victory across the city.

In the First Senatorial District, State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo easily outdistanced Republican challenger Ron A. Reilly, a public school teacher.

In the Seventh District in West Philadelphia, Sen. Vincent J. Hughes trounced Republican Edward P. Bevans.

On the House side, the picture was much the same.

In the Northeast, unofficial returns showed Republican incumbents Dennis M. O'Brien of the 169th District, John Perzel (172d), Chris R. Wogan (176th) and George T. Kenney Jr. (170th) handily defeating their Democratic challengers. In the lower Northeast, Republican John Taylor (177th) bested Democrat Anthony W. Farnon Jr.

In other House races, Democratic incumbents W. Curtis Thomas of the 181st District, Rosita Youngblood (198th), Michael Horsey (190th), Babette Josephs (182d), Harold James (186th), Andrew Carn (197th), Alan Butkovitz (174th), John Myers (201st), Mark Cohen (202d) and Kathy Manderino (194th) won handily.

Also reelected were Democrats Dwight Evans (203d), William Rieger (179th), Bill Keller (184th), Robert Donatucci (185th), James Roebuck (188th), Anthony H. Williams (191st), Frank Oliver (195th), Michael McGeehan (173d) and LeAnna Washington (200th).

A couple of races generated keen interest. In the Fifth Senatorial District, Salvatore faced a spirited challenge from an articulate underdog, Mills, who built his campaign around the assertion that Salvatore had abandoned his constituents.

``He spends more time in Florida than he does Harrisburg,'' Mills said. ``He thinks he owns that job.''

Salvatore has spent 12 years in the House and another dozen in the Senate. He is a beer distributor, a World War II veteran, and manufacturer of his own root beer, Hank's.

Before the final results were tallied last night, Salvatore said he was confident about his chances. He said that if his constituents believed he had forgotten them, he would happily accept defeat.

Salvatore said he had been a productive lawmaker and planned to introduce legislation this week to allow video poker at volunteer fire departments and other ``licensed establishments.''

The proceeds, he said, would be used to reform the property tax structure and to enroll more senior citizens in the PACE prescription-drug program.

``We have to generate a new funding stream, because if we don't, we can't do the things we want to do,'' Salvatore said. ``The pie is only so big.''

In Mills' campaign office in Bridesburg, a dozen supporters watched returns on television. None was smiling.

Mills said the defeat was a surprise. ``I thought we ran a good campaign, but we weren't particularly well financed,'' he said.

In the 175th House District, incumbent Marie A. Lederer swamped Republican Anthony Radocaj, a neighborhood leader from Bridesburg. Soon after the polls closed, Lederer, 69, kissed and hugged supporters as she arrived at a campaign party in the basement of Holy Name Church on East Gaul Street.

``I think it's a mandate from the people,'' she said. ``My office of state representative is the closest to the people. They come to me with every kind of problem - city, state and federal. I vote for their benefit. I don't represent large corporations and insurance companies. I represent the people.''

STATE HOUSE, PHILADELPHIA 169th District (100% of the vote) Michael McGuigan (D) - 5,071

*Dennis M. O'Brien (R) - 14,401

170TH DISTRICT (98% of the vote) Steven J. Gilber (L) - 317

*George T. Kenney, Jr. (R) - 12,859

Michael J. Rowley (D) - 6,300

172D DISTRICT (100% of the vote) Michelle McMenamin (D) - 9,429

*John M. Perzel (R) - 13,439

173 DISTRICT (98% of the vote) John L. Boyle (R) - 3,417

*Michael P. McGeehan (D) - 14,068

174TH DISTRICT (100% of the vote) *Alan Butkovitz (D) - 16,171

Marie D. Cantwell (R) - 4,533

Joseph M. Sabatina (L) - 790

175TH DISTRICT (100% of the vote) *Marie Lederer (D) - 12,715

Anthony N. Radocaj (R) - 4,470

176TH DISTRICT (100% of the vote) William J. Fox (D) - 7,496

*Chris Wogan (R) - 13,843

177TH DISTRICT (99% of the vote) Anthony W. Farnon, Jr. (D) - 5,619

*John J. Taylor (R) - 9,868

179TH DISTRICT (98% of the vote) Jon Mirowitz (R) - 1,273

*William W. Rieger (D) - 11,179

180TH DISTRICT (97% of the vote) *Benjamin Ramos (D) - 11,320

181ST DISTRICT (91% of the vote) John J. Featherman (L) - 484

Sam A. Sam (R) - 1,091

*W. Curtis Thomas (D) - 14,487

182D DISTRICT (100% of the vote) Thomas C. Baggio (R) - 4,695

*Babette Josephs (D) - 17,600

184TH DISTRICT (98% of the vote) *William Keller (D) - 12,734

Michael Mikstas (R) - 3,903

185TH DISTRICT (98% of the vote) *Robert C. Donatucci (D) - 12,063

Anthony Giordano (R) - 4,256

186TH DISTRICT (99% of the vote) Wallace D. Delaney (R) - 1,651

*Harold James (D) - 16,808

188TH DISTRICT (97% of the vote) Kelly Dutton (R) - 769

*James R. Roebuck (D) - 15,309

190TH DISTRICT (97% of the vote) *Michael Horsey (D) - 15,494

Gus E. Lacy, Jr. (R) - 905

191ST DISTRICT (98% of the vote) Francis X. Hardy (R) - 1,682

*Anthony H. Williams (D) - 12,373

192D DISTRICT (100% of the vote) *Louise Williams Bishop (D) - 19,199

194TH DISTRICT (98% of the vote) *Kathy Manderino (D) - 15,745

Joseph J. McCarthy (L) - 744

195TH DISTRICT (99% of the vote) *Frank L. Oliver (D) - 16,416

David C. Thomsen (R) - 1,510

197TH DISTRICT (99% of the vote) *Andrew J. Carn (D) - 18,542

Sundai Mtunda (R) - 735

198TH DISTRICT (100% of the vote) Edwin H. Hopton Jr. (R) - 2,476

*Rosita C. Youngblood (D) - 18,711

200TH DISTRICT (98% of the vote) Thomas J. Cullen (R) - 2,675

*Leanna M. Washington (D) - 20,343

201ST DISTRICT (100% of the vote) Joseph Louis Messa (R) - 720

John Myers (D) - 18,404

202D DISTRICT (95% of the vote) Gail L. Abrams (R) - 2,365

*Mark B. Cohen (D) - 14,092

Terrence W. Zellers (L) - 163

203D DISTRICT (97% of the vote) *Dwight Evans (D) - 17,333

John Paul Mugford (R) - 1,172




1ST DISTRICT (97% of the vote) *Vincent J. Fumo (D) - 55,719

Ron A. Reilly (R) - 15,097

3D DISTRICT (98% of the vote) Michael G. Floyd (R) - 8,081

Shirley M. Kitchen (D) - 56,883

5TH DISTRICT (99% of the vote) Tom Mills (D) - 29,720

*Hank Salvatore (R) - 42,722

7TH DISTRICT (99% of the vote) Edward P. Bevans (R) - 7,945

*Vincent Hughes (D) - 63,668


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