Thanksgiving Comes A Bit Early For New Jersey Contest Winner

Posted: November 25, 1996

On Thursday, most of us will be celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday by eating too much turkey.

You'll forgive Bob Gamber, of Woodbury, N.J., if he starts celebrating early.

He's a bit more thankful than usual after becoming the latest $1,000 Daily News Touchdown Payoff winner.

And he has Eagles running back Ricky Watters to, well . . . thank . . . for his newfound wealth.

Gamber won when Watters scored the Eagles' first touchdown of the game on a 1-yard run.

Although many people in the Philadelphia area were able to watch the Eagles-Cardinals game on TV, Gamber was too busy working at the Audubon (N.J.) Acme.

This is the time of year when many people are out buying their Thanksgiving Day turkeys. The time of year when Gamber is at his busiest.

``I had no idea that I was even a contestant,'' Gamber said. ``I have been sending in entries for Daily News contests for years and always I wondered if the mail ever got through.''

Gamber says he loves the four major pro sports, football, hockey, baseball and basketball. A lifelong Miami Dolphins fan, he still likes to consider himself a ``Fly-Guy.''

``I am a huge Flyers fan, especially for Ron Hextall. I love his aggressive attitude.''

Amy Bennett of Philadelphia won an Eagles autograph football as the other payoff contestant.

Gamber and Bennet were selected from among 20 Payoff winners whose names were published in Thursday's Daily News Sportsweek section.

Grand prize contestants are announced on WYSP (94.1-FM) at the beginning of the first and third quarter of each Eagles game, and are eligible to win cash and prizes depending on how the Eagles do on their first possession of those quarters.

A touchdown on a punt or kickoff return is worth $5,000; a touchdown on a running or passing play is worth $1,000 (plus a $1,000 bonus for correctly selecting the player who scores). A field goal is worth $500.

If the Eagles don't score, the contestant receives an Eagles autograph football. The other 18 Payoff winners, who are not selected as the grand prize winner, receive an WYSP/Daily News Gift Pack.

So far, the Daily News has paid out $13,500 this season. Today's coupon is on Page 36.

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