Now, Chelsea, You're Still Daddy's Little Girl

Posted: December 24, 1996

"It's so much fun to have kids in your life, especially at the holidays. I used to shop for jewelry, shoes and wonderful workout outfits.

Now I shop for toys." - Grandmother Shirley MacLaine

Chelsea Clinton is probably wishing the earth would just swallow her up, now that her dad has discussed her social life with the whole world in the pages of the latest People magazine.

Granted, our easily embarrassed adolescence is way behind us, but we think President Clinton played it pretty cool in the recent interview:

On the First Daughter's dates, he said: ``I have met a lot of her young friends. And I think, after they have been here a time or two, they feel pretty comfortable around us - and around me. It is OK with me if they do not feel entirely comfortable . . . Whenever she goes out, I wait up until she comes home, even though the Secret Service is with her.''

On getting the heck out of Arkansas: ``On balance, this move has been a very good one for her. She has made some wonderful friends. She has had a great academic and personal experience at her school. She was able to continue her ballet. And she has taken some fabulous trips with her mother.''

On Chelsea's future: ``I think she is eager to go [to college]. Not so much to get away from her mother and me, although that may be part of it . . . I think that it is an unusual thing for a young person to be living in the White House. And she will have a little more normal life, I think, when she moves out.''

Couple stuff

Singer Lionel Richie, 49, married girlfriend Diane Alexander, 29, in New York City's Metropolitan Club Saturday. And not a moment too soon: The couple has a 2-year-old son, Miles Brockman Richie. Mrs. Richie, once a dancer, is now a designer for Alexander/Brown clothing.

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin, parents of young Sophia Rose, may also do the right thing later this week. The couple will cruise from Miami to Antigua after Christmas, and were allegedly overheard asking if the captain of their chartered yacht can conduct on-board wedding ceremonies. He can.

Are they or aren't they? Next week, People mag will report that they are. We're talking, of course, about the perpetually on-the-fence Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow, and whether or not they're engaged. People columnist Mitchell Fink says Paltrow and her publicist phoned him on Friday, and told him the engagement is on, on, on. But no date has been set. ``The family is ecstatic about it,'' Fink said.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and hubbo Brad Hall say they're expecting their second child. The pregnancy will reportedly be written into Louis-Dreyfus' show, ``Seinfeld,'' perhaps as fallout from Elaine's sponge crisis . . .

Legal notes

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer apparently did a lot of topless sunbathing in her youth, and now the photos are coming back to haunt her. An old flame is marketing pictures he took of the curvy blonde when she was just 17, sporting only a bikini bottom. ``I was at that time not yet a public figure and took a few private snapshots,'' she told Germany's Bild newspaper. She's threatening legal action against any publication that uses the photos.

Singer Bobby Brown faces drunken driving charges stemming from an accident on Aug. 17, when he lost control of his 1996 Porsche, police said yesterday. The accident occurred in Hollywood, Fla.

Police said he was driving in excess of the 35 mph speed limit. No charges were filed at the time of the accident. Brown, 29, is married to singer Whitney Houston.

On the Tattle bookshelf

Some celebrity wardrobe dish from ``Prime-Time Style: The Ultimate TV Guide to Fashion Hits and Misses'' (Valerie Frankel and Ellen Tien, Berkley Publishing Group):

``ER's'' Noah Wylie wears layers of T-shirts or sweats under his clothes to pad his scrawny bod. ``He fries under those hot lights,'' Frankel said.

Julianna Margulies forced ``ER'' to change the nurses' scrubs from peach, which didn't flatter her complexion. They tried burgundy, but you couldn't see the splattered blood, then settled on a dusty pink.

Gillian Anderson of the ``X-Files'' favors low pumps because they're what a real cop would wear; Helen Hunt of ``Mad About You'' prefers them because a knee injury makes high heels painful.

Tori Spelling of ``Beverly Hills, 90210'' and assorted movies-of-the-week got the authors' vote for worst-dressed on TV. ``She's a mess,'' said Frankel. ``She jumps on any trend that comes along. Besides, she dresses like a slut.''

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