Central Bucks' Latest Redistricting Plan Draws Fewer Boos The Updated Proposal Will Move 726 Students. The Board Is To Vote Jan. 28 On The Boundary Changes, Designed To Deal With Population Growth.

Posted: January 16, 1997

DOYLESTOWN TOWNSHIP — After unveiling a redistricting plan last month, the Central Bucks School District vowed to get out pencils - and erasers - and listen to suggestions from parents upset about having their children uprooted.

Screaming parents had filled the meeting room to capacity when the district introduced the plan on Dec. 10.

On Tuesday night, at the district's second round of discussions on the proposal to redraw school boundaries, many of the 150 speakers thanked the district for amending its plans, allowing some children to stay put.

However, some parents, their children in tow, were still unhappy with the new boundaries.

They begged the board to allow students to remain at their current schools. The updated plan will move 726 students.

The school board is expected to vote Jan. 28 on the boundary changes, designed to deal with the district's population growth of 700 students per year and a projected enrollment of 17,027 students in 2000.

Last month, Superintendent N. Robert Laws suggested redrawing the boundary line for Central Bucks West and Central Bucks East high schools.

The current dividing line sends 70 percent of Lenape Middle School students to Central Bucks West and 70 percent of Tamenend Middle School children to Central Bucks East. The new plan would allow all Tamenend graduates to go to East and all Lenape graduates to go to West.

But parents in Buckingham Township did not want their children switched from Holicong Middle School and Central Bucks East to Lenape Middle School and Central Bucks West to accommodate that scenario. So officials redrew the line along Route 313 to allow those students to stay where they are.

Also previously suggested were new boundaries to fill Jamison Elementary School, which will open next school year on Almshouse Road in Warwick. Under the updated plan, 90 children from Warwick's Hidden Pond development at Warrington's John Barclay Elementary School will not have to move to Warwick Elementary, as originally proposed.

Wills Waterbury, a fourth grader at Barclay, thanked the board for the change. He said he wanted to stay where his teachers know him.

``I don't want to leave my friends,'' he said. ``Please let me stay at a school that takes care of me.''

The move, however, did not placate all residents. Some parents want their children to go to school in the same township in which they live.

The district still proposes to move 300 students from Florence D. Titus Elementary, 329 from Warwick Elementary and 85 from Paul W. Kutz Elementary to Jamison Elementary. It also suggests moving six students from Titus and six from Pine Run Elementary to Kutz.

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