4 More Jurors Chosen To Hear Trial Of Du Pont Four Men And Four Women Are On Board. Opening Arguments Could Begin Monday.

Posted: January 23, 1997

Four more jurors were selected yesterday to hear the John E. du Pont murder trial in Media, bringing the total to eight - four men and four women. Jury selection is to continue today before Delaware County Court Judge Patricia Jenkins, with four more jurors and six alternates still required.

Jenkins wants opening arguments to begin Monday. Du Pont faces charges of shooting and killing Olympic wrestler David Schultz on Jan. 26 on du Pont's Newtown Square estate, where both lived.

The new jurors include a 67-year-old woman, a receptionist for a health-care office; another woman, 43, a medical secretary; a man, 54, who is a telephone technician; and a woman, 72, who is a retired waitress.

The retired waitress said she has a brother who suffers from schizophrenia, was institutionalized, and now lives in a group home. Since September, du Pont has been in Norristown State Hospital, where he is being treated for paranoid schizophrenia.

Jenkins instructed jurors to avoid news coverage of the trial and to report any instances in which someone tried to contact them about the case.

As jury selection dragged into the early evening for the second day, Jenkins thanked one dismissed juror for enduring ``the second day of the hostage crisis.'' There are 39 potential jurors left from an original pool of 75.

Du Pont's defense contingent yesterday included seven lawyers, a jury consultant and a paralegal. The defense team used three more of its seven peremptory challenges, leaving it with just two for the first round of jury selection, which will result in the 12 initial jurors. The prosecution has five peremptory challenges left. Each side is allowed three more challenges in choosing the six alternates.

During a midday break from jury selection, three of du Pont's employees were called to the witness stand in connection with a prosecution subpoena asking them to produce documents related to du Pont's travel in the months before Schultz's death. As a result, two boxes of documents were turned over to the court.

In another matter related to the millionaire, a stipulation was filed yesterday between du Pont and Newtown Township concerning signs that were erected on the estate. During du Pont's imprisonment last year, a sign saying ``Foxcatcher Prison Farm'' and two more billboardlike signs, one red and the other white, were erected. A guardhouse also was built.

The township complained that the signs and guardhouse violated township ordinances. According to the agreement filed yesterday, du Pont has had ``Prison'' removed from the Foxcatcher sign and has had the red and white signs taken down. He also agreed to pay 50 percent of the township's legal costs. The guardhouse will remain.

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