Marcia Clark Holds Nothing Back - Save Darden

Posted: May 07, 1997

Marcia Clark reveals in her book out Friday that she was raped at 17; she calls O.J. Simpson an ``unregenerate low-life scum,'' Johnnie Cochran ``a hypocritical, two-faced bastard,'' Robert Shapiro a ``lightweight,'' and Lance Ito a ``dunderhead''; and she never comes clean about her relationship with Chris Darden. In Without a Doubt, Clark says of talk of an affair between the two prosecutors: ``The question is irrelevant. . . . Darden and I were closer than lovers, and unless you've been through what we've been through, you can't possibility know what that means.''

Speaking of Darden, he'll play a jaded homicide detective in an ABC movie that starts shooting today in Vancouver, Canada. His costar is Baywatch original Erika Eleniak.

COUPLES * Get it, Don Johnson is only dating Jodi O'Keefe, 18, his TV daughter on Nash Bridges. ``They see each other a lot,'' says his publicist. ``They like each other a lot. [But] she is not his girlfriend. Don goes out with a variety of young ladies.'' Johnson, 47, lives in San Francisco, as does O'Keefe, five years older than the actor's son. She's also been seen with him at his Beverly Hills shelter and Aspen ranch. As for marriage, heaven forbid. He's ``never proposed to Jodi, never given her a ring but they do see each other.'' Adoption, then?

Teri Hatcher of TV's Lois & Clark and Internet download star, is two months preggers. Husband is actor John Tenney. The rush is on to complete her scenes in the new James Bond film, where expecting females are never welcome.

That Farrah Fawcett-Ryan O'Neal thing? Back on.

Oscar-winner Kathy Bates (Misery) is going through a nasty split with husband of six years, Anthony Campisi. They were together 12 years before wedding right after she won the award, and all's been downhill since. He liked it better when she wasn't famous. Now he wants half her $3 mil nest egg, their $500,000 L.A. house and their 1994 Mercedes. She's offering $50,000 firm.

MARKINGS * Charlton Heston whipped an incumbent Monday to become first veep of the National Rifle Association, putting him in line to become prez next year. ``I never before had the chance to serve usefully on an organization that defended the Bill of Rights,'' said the actor, 72. ``. . . I'm proud to be with an organization that is devoted to protecting it.''

Luc Besson's The Fifth Element, a violent sci-fi flick, will open the 50th Cannes Film Festival today in France.

FAMILY MATTERS * The fam of the baby-sitter whom Michael Kennedy reportedly bedded when she was 14 said yesterday that they would not pursue a criminal case. A family lawyer said it wouldn't ``be in the girl's best interest to do so,'' adding that subjecting ``her to the long media barrage certainly would not be in her best mental health.'' Without the fam's cooperation, prosecution seems unlikely. Meanwhile, a media hunt has been launched for the baby-sitter, now 19, amid reports that she has left Boston U. One sighting has her in the Mexican Las Hadas resort, another in Barbados at the estate of one of her dad's biz associates.

Eric Douglas, 38, got probation plus 10 days of community service after pleading guilty to accepting a FedEx package of more than 1,000 antidepressant pills last May from an undercover agent. The son of Kirk told the New York judge Monday that he had been hoping for dismissal because now he would ``spend years walking on eggshells - I can't even jaywalk.'' He added: ``I've been misjudged by the media. No one ever took the time to get to know me.''

LIVING ROOM * Courtney Love has put on the market for $3 mil the Seattle home where Kurt Cobain offed himself. Love, who now lives mostly in L.A. and the Big Apple, has complained that the site has become a sacred site for rock freaks, attracting a nonstop, noisy parade to the spot.

Ronald Reagan's California ranch, on the market for eight months, has lured few posses, and a new marketing plan is in effect. The problems: At $6 mil list, it's considered overpriced - the Reagans paid $500,000 for it in the 1970s - and though the 668-acre site, 2 1/2 hours north of L.A., has a great Pacific view, it's high in the mountains and hard to get to. Plus, the main house has only two bedrooms and just 1,357 square feet. Noted one real estate appraiser: ``Other than the fact that Reagan was there, there isn't anything remarkable about it.'' Nancy Reagan recently authorized a brochure on the place with a cover pic of the ex-first couple embracing.

LOCALLY CONNECTED * Olivia Goldsmith, author of First Wives Club, will speak at the fourth annual gala of the Women's Division of the Allied Jewish Appeal, 5:30 p.m. next Wednesday at the Marriott Hotel. The writer, who just sold her next two books to HarperCollins for $4 mil, said: ``There are three very important people in every woman's life - the right gynecologist, the right hairdresser and the right accountant.'' She added that ``the last one is very important'' noting that for 22 years she got good advice from hers but didn't listen and ``now I'm dating him.''

Channel 3's Stephanie Stahl will be among six women honored at tonight's awards dinner of the Philly chapter of Women in Communications. The others: Linda Rosanio, Shirley Bonnem, Sandra Horrocks, Janice Robinson and Roberta McGowen.

Susanna Foo won best American chef, Mid-Atlantic division, at Monday's 1997 James Beard Foundation/Pierre-Jouet Restaurant Awards in Manhattan. She's the first Pennsylvanian to win a Beard in its seven-year history. Meanwhile, Ritz-Carlton chef Trish Morrissey and Long (Margaret) Kuo, owner/chef of the Peking and Mandarin eateries, will share the sixth annual Panache award of the Philadelphia Delaware Valley Restaurant Association at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Marriott.

The Soul Survivors (``Expressway'') play the waterfront's Club 34 Saturday. Cover: $5.

* Correction: Quentin Crisp will read from his New York Diaries at 5:30 p.m. today at Giovanni's Room, 12th and Pine Streets. A photo caption yesterday gave the wrong date.

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