Daughter Sues Dad For Missing Money

Posted: July 21, 1997

All he was supposed to do was manage the money.

But his daughter says he squandered thousands in her Social Security benefits and inheritance on himself.

Now she's suing to get what's left and to learn what happened to the rest.

Lawyers for Jacqualine Wilson, 17, last week charged that Donald Wilson, her father, spent Social Security benefits he collected on her behalf and cannot account for money she inherited from her grandfather.

Jacqualine wants to go to college, but she needs the money her dad collected for her over the last decade. She also needs a full accounting of her finances, said her lawyer, Lee Herman.

``This money has to come back to Jacqualine,'' said Herman, who said the recent high school graduate is a star-athlete and scholar. ``She can't get her financial aid because her father has withheld necessary information to determine how much aid she qualifies for.''

Donald Wilson, 68, didn't return calls seeking comment.

Jacqualine was 7 when her mother, Karen Wilson, one of the highest-ranking black employees at Cigna Insurance, died in 1987. Her mother's death entitled Jacqualine to $779 per month in Social Security and a substantial monthly payment from her mother's Cigna pension.

The teen also had inherited about $7,000 from her grandfather.

Donald Wilson, her biological father, handled all the money, alleges the lawsuit in Common Pleas Court.

Donald Wilson booted Jacqualine from their house on Sherwood Road near 70th Street in Overbrook Park in February, the suit alleges. Jacqualine moved to Yeadon and had her Social Security payments sent to another responsible party, leaving the payments from her mom's pension and the inheritance from her grandfather in her dad's hands.

Herman said Donald Wilson won't talk about the money, forcing Jacqualine to sue him.

``It's sad when the family system breaks down and the court system has to be brought in,'' the lawyer said.

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