Regal Eagles After Meeting Statistician, Di Was Spotted In Birds Jacket

Posted: September 03, 1997

Philadelphia's Jack Edelstein first met Princess Diana at the funeral of another princess, Grace of Monaco.

He was with Grace's brother, the late City Councilman Jack Kelly, a friend since youth, and the entire East Falls Kelly clan.

After the somber funeral Mass, Edelstein accompanied the Kellys back to the palace at Monaco and he and Diana, who was representing the British throne, were introduced.

Yesterday, Edelstein recalled Diana telling him how much she admired Grace.

``She said she looked like a princess.''

Fifteen years later, Diana, another beautiful, blond princess, died the same way that Grace did, in a grinding car crash.

But all was not seriousness that day.

Edelstein, a noted humorist and master of double-talk, as well as statistician for the Philadelphia Eagles, introduced Diana to the spritzer, a wine and seltzer drink, at the funeral reception that hot September day in 1982.

``She had these two ladies in waiting standing behind her,'' he recalled. Smiling, she said, ``They follow me wherever I go.''

``She had like a shy, giggling smile. Like a blushing smile.

``She was a very warm person, very sweet, very kind,'' as well as humanitarian, Edelstein said.

Diana told him how much she enjoyed visiting the United States. She gave him and his companions her secretary's phone number and invited them to stop in if they were ever in London. A year-and-a-half later, he and Jack Kelly did, for tea.

During Grace's funeral reception, Di and Edelstein also talked about the Eagles.

``She thought football was like soccer,'' he said.

``She asked, `What are your colors?' I said, green and silver. She said, `Those are my favorite colors.' ''

Edelstein promised to send her some Eagles T-shirts. The Eagles also packed some workout shorts with Eagles logos, golf shirts and Eagles caps.

``We also sent her a beautiful Eagles jacket, made for her. It was Leonard Tose's idea. He never went second class.

``She sent me a very nice note, how she'd been wearing them around.

``Some of the sportswriters told me she was photographed in an Eagles jacket with the Eagles insignia on it, a silver insignia with an eagle on it.

``That's the one we sent her.''

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