Driver `Drunk As A Pig'

Posted: September 04, 1997

The Frenchman who drove Princess Diana to her death was a boozer who sucked whisky down like water and boasted about the important people he was protecting, reports say.

Henri Paul reportedly gulped a large whisky an hour before taking the Mercedes' wheel. His blood-alcohol level was reportedly almost four times higher than the legal limit when he died in the crash.

The Sun of London reported Tuesday that colleagues and bar workers said Paul was ``drunk as a pig'' after spending several hours downing draft beer and Scotch whiskey in a seedy Paris bar.

Paul was reportedly glassy-eyed and staggering when he showed up at the Ritz hotel to pick up Diana and her companion, Dodi Fayed.

``He should never have been allowed anywhere near that car,'' a Ritz worker told the Sun.

And The Mirror of London, quoting an unnamed distinguished guest of the Ritz, reported Tuesday that Paul's bosses at the swank hotel knew he was a problem drinker because he'd embarrassed them with boozy antics at company parties.

``It seems absolutely staggering that a man like this should be selected at short notice . . . to drive the mother of the future King of England,'' the guest said.

But a spokesman for Mohammed al-Fayed, Dodi's father and the Ritz's owner, said Paul did not show signs of such behavior.

Paul's favorite Paris haunts were Willy's Bar and La Masarin pub.

``He comes in here a lot and drinks a lot of whisky,'' the pub patron told The Mirror. ``He says he is involved in guarding important people.''

Paul's body lays unclaimed at a Paris morgue.

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