Hofferth Named New Ad At 'nova; Vows To Uphold Tradition

Posted: October 04, 1997

His third promotion in four years at Villanova University yesterday landed Tim Hofferth in the school's athletic director's chair.

Hofferth, 34, succeeds longtime friend Gene DeFilippo, who resigned last month to take a similar job at Boston College.

``Gene was like a mentor to me,'' Hofferth said. ``He taught me the most important lesson about this business. He told me that if you keep the student-athlete at the heart of the program, and keep the student-athlete at the heart of every decision you make, you'll be successful.''

Since joining the athletic department as assistant AD for external operations in 1993, Hofferth has been credited with formulating a marketing strategy that has elevated the Main Line university to new heights.

By converting the Wildcats' radio and television networks to in-house operations, he enabled the athletic department to gain complete control over all advertising and programming. And with Hofferth leading the way, Villanova grossed nearly $14 million in external revenue over the last four years.

In his new role, Hofferth said he has three primary objectives.

``Tradition is the first,'' he said. ``We're going to continue to build on our nationally recognized tradition.

``Second, we're going to continue to be committed to providing the additional resources for our student-athletes and our coaches in the way of facilities and expanded programs.

``And finally, we'll continue to emphasize our high academic standards in the way of graduation rates and overall GPA for our student-athletes.''

Hofferth is a 1986 graduate of the University of South Carolina-Aiken, where he majored in sports management. He earned his master's degree in educational administration from the University of South Carolina two years later.

Prior to joining the Villanova staff, he was the director of marketing and promotions at the University of Kentucky.

In appointing Hofferth, Villanova president the Rev. Edmund J. Dobbin cited the widespread internal support and overall respect that Hofferth has commanded in his short tenure. Hofferth earlier had been promoted to associate AD in 1994 and to senior associate AD in June.

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