Irish Eyes Not Smiling On Stanford's Band

Posted: October 09, 1997

Stanford University's athletic director has apologized to local Catholic school officials angered by last weekend's football pregame and halftime shows by the university's band.

Ted Leland issued a written apology to more than 30 administrators who signed a letter condemning the band's shows, performed during Saturday's Stanford-Notre Dame game.

The shows featured a parody of the Irish potato famine, a mock debate between a Catholic cardinal and the devil, and referred to the Irish as ``stinking drunks.''

Leland's apology referred to the band's act as ``tasteless.''

``In their sophomoric attempt at humor, the band crossed the line from funny to obnoxious and offensive,'' he wrote.

School officials, however, said they planned no sanctions against the band.

Scott McKissen, the band's manager, offered no apology. He said that people offended by the performance are overreacting.

``Our shows are always misconstrued by people, whether they take a line out of context or whatever,'' McKissen said. ``Our field show was meant to poke fun at the Notre Dame mascot [the Fighting Irish] and not a group of people. Unfortunately, some people took it far more seriously than it was intended.''

N. MEXICO ST.: SECOND OFFENSE New Mexico State point guard Antoine Hubbard was suspended from the team after school officials learned he had been accused of domestic violence for the second time within two weeks.

Authorities said a summons had been issued for Hubbard for an incident early Monday at an apartment that he shared with a woman.

Hubbard was arrested two weeks ago on misdemeanor domestic violence and battery charges in an incident involving the same woman, police said.

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