This Husband For Hire - He's A Mr. Fix-it

Posted: October 12, 1997

BLACKWOOD — Looking for someone to work around the house? Someone like a handy husband?

Ron Axelson could be your guy. Axelson has a very nice wife already, but he also possesses a knack for home repairs that gives true meaning to the phrase ``a man around the house.''

For the last three years, Axelson, 38, has been the owner of a one-man business called Husband for Hire. Considering ``no job too big or too small,'' he performs all types of repair and installation work for homes and offices.

``I took the name Husband for Hire because I was thinking along the lines of the cliche of `honey, do this' or `honey, do that,' and I can do those things, and then they can just send me home,'' he said. ``So I'm a `husband for hire.' ''

Axelson has about 250 customers in Camden and Gloucester Counties. Many of Axelson's customers are single women; some are real estate agents; and others are husband and wife, neither of whom is ``that interested or doesn't really know how to'' handle home repairs.

``What usually happens is they'll have me do something; they're happy with the result; and six months later, I get another call for something else,'' Axelson said.

``I'm pretty much self-taught,'' he said. ``My dad was in the fencing business, so I learned things from him, but I always enjoyed putting things together, figuring out how they worked, and fixing things.''

Sherri Riggio, a dental hygienist from Turnersville, discovered Axelson this year through a friend who had seen his ad on a place mat at a diner. A single mother of two, she first hired him to install an attic floor to increase storage space.

``He did a nice job, and he was very neat - he didn't leave any mess, which means a lot to people, myself included,'' she said. ``Plus, the price was reasonable.''

Since then, Riggio has hired Axelson for many other home repair projects: He's power-washed her house, replaced a rotted windowsill, cleaned a dryer vent, installed a wallpaper border and recaulked a bathroom.

``I would not have imagined how much demand there is out there,'' Axelson said. ``I love having my own business. . . . Once you've worked for yourself, you can't go back to working for someone else.''

FOR MORE INFORMATION * Husband for Hire can be reached at 782-1284.

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