Lindros Talks On Tap Soon

Posted: December 15, 1997

Eric Lindros might get an early Christmas present. His father, Carl, and Flyers officials plan to resume negotiations this week for a new contract for the Flyers captain.

Lindros is in the final year of a contract that pays him a little more than $3.7 million this season. Attempts to reach an agreement before the season were unsuccessful.

After Paul Kariya signed a two-year, $14 million deal with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim last week, it was thought that Kariya's contract would influence a faster settlement with Lindros.

Not true, Flyers chairman Ed Snider said last night.

``We can't let another club affect how we operate our club,'' Snider said.

Snider said the meeting with Carl Lindros was planned before Kariya signed. Snider is ``hopeful'' but not overly optimistic that a new contract for Lindros can be settled.

GOALS IN MIND With NHL commissioner Gary Bettman meeting tomorrow with a committee to discuss how to put more offense back in the NHL game, Snider had a suggestion.

``If the officials would call the penalties like they are in the rule book, then the game would be fine,'' Snider said. ``I don't know what they're watching. I know what I'm watching, a lot of holding, hooking, grabbing and tripping, and they don't call it. If they called it, there would be some open ice and more scoring chances.''

Snider and Bob Clarke, the Flyers' president and general manager, are on the same page on this issue. Clarke is on the committee Bettman has assembled.

``The refs have to call obstruction,'' Clarke said. ``Forechecking used to be a big part of the game, but now the first guy can't get in.''

FEUDING IN TAMPA The last-place Tampa Bay Lightning is not one big happy family. The Lightning leads the NHL in feuding.

When a team loses as often as Tampa Bad, internal bickering is bound to occur.

Brian Bradley, the Lightning's career scoring leader, has called teammate Dino Ciccarelli ``a gutless little puke'' and ``a backstabber.'' Bradley has vowed never to play on the same team as Ciccarelli, and says he wants to be traded if Ciccarelli isn't.

Other Tampa players are questioning Bradley's commitment to the team. They are bothered because Bradley, who suffered from dizziness and recurring headaches earlier this year, now is saying a sore right wrist is keeping him off the ice. The wrist injury occurred last season.

Former Flyers winger Mikael Renberg told the Tampa Tribune: ``Everybody's got their doubts. The headaches and dizziness, you don't want to question that. But when the thing came out about the wrist, well . . . ''

Said Ciccarelli: ``I wasn't questioning whether he was hurt. But we keep hearing that he was afraid he was going to get traded, and that's why he wasn't coming back. I just felt like that was a pretty lame excuse.''

Bradley has played in only 14 games this season (two goals, five assists).

Renberg, Tampa's leading scorer with just five goals and 11 assists, suffered a broken wrist in Saturday's 3-1 victory over Ottawa. Renberg is expected to be be out at least one month.

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