Radio Voice Mcginty Will Join Cbs's `Public Eye'

Posted: January 12, 1998

Derek McGinty, host of a popular public-radio talk show, will depart at the end of the month to be a full-time correspondent for Bryant Gumbel's CBS-TV show, Public Eye.

The host station, WAMU-FM of Washington, announced Friday night that the final edition of the Derek McGinty Show would be broadcast Jan. 30. The program is carried on 33 National Public Radio stations around the country, including WHYY-FM, which airs it Monday through Friday at 1 p.m.

McGinty, 38, was a talk-radio rarity - an unflappable, likable character equally at home probing a reluctant politician or delving into the motivations of a novelist, actor or scientist. He was a rarity for another reason as well: In the largely segregated world of talk radio, he has been a black voice with a predominantly white audience.

NPR newscaster Frank Stasio, who has occasionally substituted for McGinty, will take over the program for about three months while WAMU conducts a national search for a replacement.

DENVER DISCORD * John Denver did not leave a will before his death Oct. 12, so under Colorado law the singer's estimated $20 million estate is to be divided equally among his three children. But People magazine says his second ex-wife, Cassandra Delaney, is pushing for a controlling interest in the estate along with any of Denver's musical instruments and recording equipment. Delaney, an aspiring singer whose five-year marriage to Denver ended in 1993, is the mother of Denver's biological child, Jesse Bell, 8. The singer has two adopted children from a 15-year marriage to first wife Annie Martell.

SOUNDS OF SILENCE * Art Garfunkel admits he went into a shell for a while after he split with Paul Simon.

``I was quite reclusive in the '80s,'' Garfunkel told Entertainment Weekly. ``I was really at home being an artiste.'' That meant writing poetry, doing a little singing, reading the dictionary back to front - and perfecting his basketball foul shot. (His best is 102 straight free throws.)

The 1990s have brought a creative resurgence. He toured Europe last year to promote his 1996 album Across America; released a Grammy-nominated children's record, Songs From a Parent to a Child; performed for President Clinton; and provided the voice for the singing moose on the PBS cartoon series Arthur.

SPICE GIRLS RULE * The Spice Girls received a rousing welcome Saturday in Sydney, Australia, for the Down Under premiere of their movie Spiceworld. An estimated 7,000 fans - some of whom had waited more than seven hours to see their idols - cheered when the five singers arrived in an open double-decker bus. Inside, an audience of about 2,000 joined the Spice Girls for the movie. Many were look-alikes, including some tranvestites who dressed up in short dresses, platform shoes, feather boas and lots of makeup.

KING OF THE `X-FILES' * Stephen King fans, tune in: The monster author has cowritten a forthcoming episode of The X-Files dealing almost exclusively with Gillian Anderson's character, Dana Scully. People magazine says King wrote the script, his first foray into episodic television, with coexecutive producer Chris Carter. The show will air Feb. 8.

A HANDS-ON APPROACH * Darlene Conley of The Bold and the Beautiful is proud to be the first American soap opera star immortalized in wax at Madame Tussaud's famed museum in London.

``Over here, they know a real woman when they see one,'' Conley told TV Guide. She plays fashion mogul Sally Spectra on the serial drama, which draws large audiences in Europe.

Her daylong sitting for the wax sculpture ``was grueling but hysterical.''

``I had this beautiful young man under my skirt for hours. They measure and photograph every single inch of you from every single angle. It's terribly intimate. At this point, the sculptor knows me better than my ex-husband.''

STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT * A supermodel worried about a blind date? Angie Everhart is. Comedy Central's ``Take a Supermodel to the Super Bowl'' contest will pair her with a lucky winner.

``It's a little frightening going out with a complete stranger,'' Everhart says. ``I'm assuming there'll be some other people around. You never know. It could be the man of my dreams. But with my luck, it'll be a girl.''

Maybe they can just sit around and watch TV after the game. Everhart plays an alien from Venus in a post-Super Bowl episode of 3rd Rock From the Sun.

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