Don't Store Umbrella Yet

Posted: February 18, 1998

It could be worse.

According to our friends at Accu-Weather in Central Pennsylvania, the seven inches or so of rain that Philadelphia has received since the official start of winter is a drop in the bucket.

It could have been snow.

``The standard equivalent is about an inch of liquid to a foot of snow,'' said meteorologist Laura Anderson. ``This is not a constant, it can vary.''

Early reports warned that yesterday's rain was just the beginning of a wet and miserable couple of days, but it doesn't seem to be that serious.

The forecast was for heavy rain to slacken by today.

``Basically . . . the next couple of days are not going to be bad at all,'' she said. ``We can expect some drizzle and showers but not a whole lot in steady precipitation.''

Since the winter solstice on Dec. 21, Philadelphia has logged 7.41 inches of rain, compared to the normal of 5.98 inches.

Yesterday's rainfall measured .60 inches, according to Anderson.

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