Woman's Disappearance In Greece Baffles Friends Julie Scully Of Mansfield Was Last Seen Jan. 10 In Athens, Her Boyfriend Said. Loved Ones Are Worried.

Posted: January 26, 1999

The mysterious disappearance of Julie Scully halfway around the world has left family and friends here baffled.

Scully, 31, moved from Mansfield in Burlington County to Kavala, Greece, on Dec. 6 to live with Georgios Skiadopoulos, 24. The two met on a cruise ship in the Caribbean in November 1997 while she was vacationing with her then-husband, Tim Nist, 42. They divorced last fall.

Skiadopoulos was an employee on the ship, Nist said yesterday in an interview. ``He would call the house every now and then, and several months later we went on another cruise and he was there again - I guess something happened then.''

Skiadopoulos reported to police in Greece that shortly after the two arrived in Athens on Jan. 10, he and Scully got into an argument. Scully walked off to get something to eat at a McDonald's several minutes away, he said. Skiadoupolos told police that he could not find her when he went to pick her up.

After notifying police and the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Skiadopoulos contacted family and friends in the United States, some of whom he met when he visited Scully in Mansfield for six weeks early last fall.

Skiadopoulos ``called me the next day to ask if I knew where she was,'' said Susan White, a close friend from Morristown who drove Scully to Kennedy International Airport when she left for Greece.

Friends and family say they last heard from Scully - a part-time model whose work included advertisements for Miller and Coors beers as well as for the Trentonian - on Jan. 6.

``She had been calling from Greece, and she told me that she wanted to come home,'' said Tracey Allen of Ewing, Scully's friend of six years. ``She was crying. She missed her daughter so much. She was talking about shipping her stuff back home.''

Scully gave up custody of her 3-year-old daughter shortly before moving to Greece.

``I just want her to know her daughter misses her very much,'' said Scully's mother, Julia, breaking down in tears. ``How can you tell a 3-year-old that her mother maybe . . . I don't allow myself to go beyond the thought that she is just missing.''

Julia Scully has been taking care of her granddaughter in Nist's Mansfield home since her daughter left the United States.

Scully ``called a couple times and inquired if her daughter could come and visit her in Greece,'' Nist said. The daughter ``says she misses Mommy, but we haven't told her anything about it,'' he said.

Those who knew Scully agree that it was highly unlikely that she would have taken off without a word.

``Even if she had just wanted some private time, she would have called us,'' Allen said. ``We've been checking on her credit cards. She hasn't spent any money - what's she living on? Something's wrong.''

Chief James Humble of the Mansfield Police Department said a restraining order was filed with Mansfield Municipal Court after Scully's mother and Nist accused Skiadopoulos of trying to choke the mother during an argument Sept. 28.

Scully's mother contacted Mansfield police on Saturday to report her daughter missing. State police will put Scully on the national missing persons registry, according to information officer John Hagerty.

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