Locker-room Raid Costs Habs' Corson

Posted: April 02, 1999

Montreal Canadiens winger Shayne Corson was suspended for six games, including five for entering the opposing team's dressing room, by the NHL yesterday.

The suspension, which will cost Corson $66,406 in lost salary, stemmed from an incident last Saturday at Vancouver when the Canadiens left winger was sent off for an attempt to injure after high-sticking Canucks defenseman Ed Jovanovski.

Corson later went to talk to Jovanovski in the Canucks' dressing room.

While a news release issued by league disciplinarian Colin Campbell did not give a breakdown, Canadiens general manager Rejean Houle said he was told Corson got one game for high-sticking and five for going into the Canucks' locker room.

"It's a precedent," Houle said. "It's pretty heavy, but I feel I'll go along with it. We know Shayne didn't have to go there."

Corson was given a match penalty under Rule 43a, attempt to injure, for hitting Jovanovski in the face with his stick at 12:39 of the third period of Vancouver's 5-1 victory. Jovanovski got two minutes for roughing and a game misconduct.

Corson said he went to the Canucks' locker room to discuss something Jovanovski had said about a member of Corson's family while they were in the penalty box, before referee Stephen Walkom ordered them to their dressing rooms.

"We've all got families and when certain things are said, we get upset," Corson said. "I guess I reacted with my heart and not my head."

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