Posted: August 12, 1999

Page 1 added to negative view of picnic Your front-page photo (July 27) was sensationalism at its worst.

Everyone from the police commissioner to politicians to business owners and civic leaders agreed the "Greek" Picnic went off without incident. I was at the Convention Center with hundreds upon hundreds of partygoers - no incidents - yet your front page depicted a police officer assisting a bleeding deputy mayor through a sea of black youth, exactly the negative image burned in the minds of Philadelphians. With one picture, you brought out all the I-told-you-so's, despair and fears not just from last year, but from decades of public distrust.

In my 42 years, South Street has been a hotbed of activity - from mob to motorcycles; nightclubs to marches; murders, muggings and robberies every summer.

Ever wonder how that other black festival on South Street, Odunde, gets off without a hitch? The answer is perception.

Your front-page photo implanted a negative perception, sure to permeate next year's event. It:

Is the reason a Susan Smith could kill her children, and tell America "a black man did it."

Perpetuates racial profiling.

Is the reason Donta Dawson was shot and a police officer's career was shattered.

Is the reason that, to the surprise of many, O.J. was acquitted.



Give Rose his due as top player You can commit adultery, lie to a grand jury, cheat on a real estate deal and still be president of the United States.

You can be a former athlete, murder and get away with it.

You can do drugs, be in and out of rehab, beat your wife, solicit prostitutes and still play professional football.

But don't gamble; you will be banned from baseball for life.

The Phillies honored their all-time-greatest players last weekend. During the video highlights of Phillies history, No. 14 kept appearing in many exciting plays.

Pete Rose belonged on that field. It is a farce that he wasn't. What he did was wrong, but does the punishment fit the crime?

If anyone belongs in the Hall of Fame, it is Pete Rose.



I was really appalled last weekend at the Vet.

Yes, it was great bringing back all the great ballplayers, but not to acknowledge Pete Rose was a disgrace. He was as good as any guy there, if not better.

He is not even allowed on the field. That is the most stupid thing I ever heard of. With the likes of Darryl Strawberry coming back after all his drug violations and all the other athletes in other sports with the same problem, where is the fairness?NORMAN CUSUMAN

Phillies fans had an opportunity to vote for the greatest individual achievements and team highlights of the century.

However, one incredible record wasn't even listed among the nominees. From Aug. 28, 1952, to July 3, 1953, Robin Roberts pitched 28 consecutive complete games, including a 17-inning 2-1 masterpiece over the Braves at Connie Mack Stadium. Not many fans are aware of Roberts' magnificent record.


Sam Katz filed timely $$ reports Your editorial (Aug. 6) on financial disclosure in the mayor's race made excellent points, but failed to address two others:

* In stating that "it's easy to be for campaign finance reform when you know it's not going to happen," you let the responsible parties off the hook.

The Daily News should join with Sam Katz and keep up a steady drumbeat for the Legislature to act in the best interests of all Pennsylvanians, no matter the county or district.

Principle should not be guided by pragmatism.

* Campaign disclosure is meaningless unless it is timely and complete.

Throughout this election, the Katz campaign has made timely and complete filings with the City Commissioners.

The same cannot be said for John Street's campaign.

Street's reports have required numerous amendments, filed weeks after the original due date (and attendant press scrutiny) because they lacked key information required by law to be disclosed. Street's failure to file complete campaign finance reports dates back to 1992 and 1993 when he neglected to timely report over $100,000.

The Katz campaign remains committed to full disclosure under all existing laws.

A Katz administration will press the General Assembly for legislative reform and enactment of more comprehensive reporting requirements and tougher penalties for non-compliance.


Campaign Director

Sam Katz for Mayor

City's police officers worth their weight in gold Philadelphians recognize him because of his uniform.

If he gives the public a great performance each week, they love him. If he falls down on the job, they are on his neck, forgetting prior victories. They look to him to "fix it." Some say he is worth every cent; others say he is overpaid and needs to do more.

Donovan McNabb? No, I am talking about police officers - underappreciated and underpaid, on the "gridiron" every day without a $12 million bonus. We really do need to fix the pay scale in this country.


The Noe tots and Donta

I fully agree with Judee Czyzewski (letter, July 8) that Marie Noe should have received jail time for killing her children. However, she is misinformed in regard to ex-Police Officer Christopher DiPasquale, who shot and killed an unarmed teen-ager because, he said, Donta Dawson's sudden movement caused him to believe his life was in danger.

She said DiPasquale had two murder trials. This is incorrect. DiPasquale was charged twice for manslaughter, not murder. There was lack of evidence, which the DA's office knew. I ask the question Czyzewski asks: Whose side is Lynne Abraham on?

Shawn Ryan (letter, July 14) said Dawson was wrong and DiPasquale was only doing his job. If so, why was DiPasquale stripped of his badge and charged with anything at all?


State Correctional Institution

Dallas, Pa.

Lot sold for too little

The recent sale by the Board of Education to the Spring Garden Development Corporation of the vacant lot at 22nd Street and Fairmount Avenue is a disgrace.

The price is too low for such a valuable chunk of city land.


Mayfair House in park

I am pleased that City Council is interested in giving the land the Mayfair House sits on to Fairmount Park. I would like that to become an area of greenery for people to view and enjoy.

Let's hope personal agendas don't get in the way. Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller: Do the right thing and lead the way to give back to the environment.


Episcopalians grateful

We are very appreciative of your coverage of our celebration of the 25th anniversary of women priests in the Episcopal Church.

Ron Goldwyn's article about the 1974 ordinations and his follow-up on the Church of the Advocate's role in that historic event were first-rate. All involved in the planning of this celebration appreciate this good coverage.

Goldwyn is doing a fine job on the religion beat.


Communications Officer

Diocese of Pennsylvania

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